O-O-O- in Louis Vuitton

  1. For the Experts out there.. How can you tell that the Bag is Authentic by the look of the Font? I know the O is suppose to be special but how? Please shed some light for us. Thanks :flowers:
  2. a lot of the fake makers tend to make the O in LOUIS very... elongated, like "0" and not "O". If you have the Century Gothic font on your computer, type out the name "LOUIS VUITTON" and you've got the font. that's the exact font LV uses, except they do some tweaking in the spacing/leter sizes/etc.
  3. Hey Frozen.. so w/ the pic i attached is that the real deal?
  4. based on the stamp alone, yes. but there are some fakes out there that have gotten really good.. and have managed to get the stamp down perfectly.
  5. Frozen is right. The O's should be perfectly round not oval and the "patch" stamp. Keep in mind that the O's on some of the authentic hardward, ie, the O's on the string holes on the Petite Noe are not round b/c the font is so small.
  6. ooo my this thread has been such a good help Thank you.
  7. in fact -- the O's on a lot of the outside hardware, are square or squoval, if you will.