o no :( i think my new vanilla speedy 30 is too small for me :(

  1. I bought a vanilla speedy 30 and was so sure i was going to love it and carry it but now that i look at it more, I think its just too small for me...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the color but for some reason, maybe bc i'm used to larger bags, i think the its too small for me...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    it's too late to return it now so i guess i have to eBay it :sad: i'm so sad bc i really was excited about my purchase PLUS i love the color so much...maybe i should just keep it?
  2. The LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE really sticks out to me!!
    I think you should keep it! I'm sure the size may take some time getting used to, but from what I can tell, a 30 is pretty large anyway. What do you mean by you can't return it?

    Do you have a photo?

    Good luck in your decision!
  3. i would keep it! picture?
  4. Sounds gorgeous! Is ebaying hard? I'm scared to try... I just ordered a 30 myself...
  5. I would keep it. BTW how tall are you? Wondering, because to me the 30 is plenty big.
  6. ^OT... How is Louie?

  7. give it to me!! j/k.......lol......keep it!!
  8. Keep it, girl!!!!
  9. keep it...its a great bag
  10. If you LOVE LOVE LOVE it, maybe you can get used to a smaller (heh) bag than you're used to?

    I giggle, 'cause the Speedy 30 is the biggest bag I currently own, other than tote bags, of course.
  11. Aaaaw, Vanilla is so gorgeous... sorry to hear it doesn't work for you :sad:
    I'd keep it for a while, maybe you just need to get used to a smaller bag (although I think the 30 is rather big, lol)... If it's still not right for you, sell it on eBay... Many ppl would do everything for this color :yes:
  12. ooooh, I'd keep it!!
  13. No, please keep it. There is no such thing as too small :smile: I mean if you can carry an evening bag I am sure you can carry a speedy 25 well
    Plus vanilla is such a rare color now, I just dont want you to regret it after you sell it.
  14. Vanilla is a great colour & Speedy 30 is great bag I have 4 & it's not the biggest bag that I have!
  15. Vanilla is such a soft and pretty color! But, if you think it is too small for you- you may not want to keep it. Or, keep it and treat it as your 'special going out bag' when you feel like you don't need to take so much or you want a smaller bag.