o no guys! what am i going to do! are these keepers?

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  1. so after seeing hlfinn's post of her yellow marpoils, i HAD to have them ...they looked so gorgeous on her!! so i called around and no one had it but i stumbled upon a pair at the madison boutique after asking the SA to look in the back to make sure...and to my surprise! he said YES he did have the yellow! i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOo excited ...but now, i just received them today and to my disappointment, they are the marpoil wedges instead of the slingback heels...

    what do you guys think? should i keep them or no? are they as versatile and sexy as the heels?

    here are the pics...excuse the bad coloring of my camera phone...the yellow is the same yellow as hlfinn's

    here are hlfinn's (pic borrowed from hlfinn...thanks!!!)

    here are mine
  2. so long as the yellow is the same, i would keep them. u will probably get more use out of them in the wedge; great running around/lunching/summer shoe
  3. I think the yellow marpoil wedges make a great spring/summer daytime shoe and casual evening shoe.
  4. wow keep em,xboo, they are ssseexyyy...and they are yellow as you wanted...heck they are wedges...I am a sucker for a wedge. But go with your heart,doll. If you aren't in love, dont keep em
  5. Wedges are cute!
  6. can you wear wedges with pencil skirts? no, huh?
  7. They are beautiful. Unless you don't like wedges, I'd say keep 'em!
  8. oooh those are cute!!! i love the wedge! and def more versatile i think then mine even. lol. now i'm like "i wonder if they have the wedge in green?" hee hee. and for a second i thought "wow, that looks like my toaster" LOL. i saw keep em but i'm a sucker for the yellow. you called bg? did you ask them to call you if they get a return or something?
  9. i love yellow too!!! i was so so so excited to receive these bc i 've been on a color obsession lately, starting with yellow! i called bg and the smallest they have is still 38.5 which is too big for me...i didnt think to ask them to call me if they have a return though...i'll give that a try...

    in the meantime, will these look cute/sexy for the office? say , with a pencil skirt ? or...are they more casual and would just go with jeans...

  10. those are super cute, but if you really want the slingbacks, I would go with your heart ...
  11. I think a wedge is a great summer shoe! I would keep it!
  12. if you don't love them return them and get huntin again for the ones you really want:tup:
  13. They are really cute. Perfect for spring/summer.
  14. Oh I really like them!!
  15. i think great for jeans and dresses. not sure about pencil skirts. try it and take a pic for us?