O My Slingbacks or Simples?

  1. I'm :lol: at the thought of putting myself on a ban. Fat chance.

    I love the look of both the Simple Pump in camel, and the O My slingback in patent camel. Both go very well with my skin tone, which is medium to olive. Which one to choose? I don't have any slingbacks, which pushes me toward the O My. Also, the patent camel will look more like a nude patent on me. But, I love the "luggage" color of the Simple Pump, the comfort of the shoe (own the Simples in python) and favor the shape of this shoe more than the O My. Is it wrong to have more than one pair of Simples in your wardrobe?

    Any advice/input would be appreciated. Thanks :shame:


  2. Simple!

    You know you want it... :upsidedown:
  3. It really sounds as if you prefer the simples so that's what I would go with, I really think you can have this shoe in lots of colors!
  4. If you favor the shape and love the color go ahead and get another pair of Simples.

    I like the look of slingbacks but only own one pair in my whole wardrobe because they are less practicle - you can't really wear them in winter and I feel like they are not dressy enough for work. So I end up not buying them.
  5. I prefer simples.
    I usually hate slingbacks because the strap is either too tight and digs into my heel or too loose and I end up adjusting it every few steps.
  6. ^ I agree with absolutely everything Kamilla said. I avoid slingbacks for the pain and the slippage.

    I would go for the Simples! One can never have too many basic shoes :tup:
  7. Simples all the way! No comparison!
  8. I personally think that you can't have too many simples!
    They are a classic!

    I just tried on a slingback today in a 40 which felt really comfortable and the heel was a perfect fit, however the strap at the back was loose!
    I asked my SA to look into getting a 39.5 just because of the strap issue, but I'm not sure how the fit will be, I think it may end up being a bit tight on me.
    For this simple reason, I may take a pass on the slingback.
  9. Simple also!

    the oh my's are just not doing it for me...
  10. This does happen to me. I had a pair of white patent and cork slingbacks, and the strap always dug into my heel after a while.

    Yeah, I think I will go for the Simples if I decide to make a purchase. I went to Saks today, but the camel was not available in my size. I tried on the dark brown, and they were too plain. I saw the photo of Angelina Jolie wearing the camel Simples, and I really like the way they look. I wear jeans a lot, and I can see myself wearing them with jeans more than the O My.

    Though, the O My is available at Barneys in blue kid. Love that color! :nuts:
  11. I like the simple too!
  12. Another reason to buy more simples... so you can line them up in row like this:
  13. Those simples aresuch a gorgeous color, Go for it.
  14. I like the Simples; they are so comfy and classic!!
  15. I vote for the simples too.