O My God Have You Ladies Seen The New Ergo Keyfob?!?!! Cutest Thing Ever!!!!!!


    o my god you guys have got to check it out!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the pink one! they arent even avail. in the stores yet i think it is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :smile: YAY!
  2. very cute!!!
  3. Isn't it just the CUTEST!? I LOVE keyfobs... lol

  4. well...I guess I'll be Captain Bring Down here...

    me no likey.
  5. ^^ Dewey, you crack me up!! I didn't like it at first, I thought it was kind of stupid! LOL! But it really is cute hooked onto the large ergo tote! The regular little charms kind of get lost on the tote! I combined it with my flower charm and it looked great! I don't think it looks good attached to any of my other bags though!
  6. i love both of mine! i think they're cute (and pointless, lol)!
  7. Lol...I think this is like the 3rd topic started on this keyfob. But yess...I agree, its sooo cute! For some reason though I would never see myself buying it.
  8. I do like it (I love the teeny tiny-ness of it) but since I'm not springing for the ergo, I probably won't get this

    Well, unless it comes in pink....arrrgh pink
  9. it does. and it's totally cute against my black bags. :graucho:
  10. I'll post again here that I have the turquoise one on my Mandy!

    LOVE IT!

    It;s a great pop of color!
  11. haha oops sorry i didnt know there were other ones about it :smile: hehe

    I love it i am going to attach it to something havent figured it out yet !
  12. ^^^I LOVE your bag collection!
  13. aw HANDBGLVR THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! :smile: your sig. mandy looks beautiful from the pic at the bottom of your profile! :smile:
  14. me either! it was cute in the book, but when I saw it in person I didn't like it for some reason. :shrugs: