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  1. OMG so i went to Louis Vuittons website to see their new collection, and you will never believe this!!! THEYRE DOING PERSONALIZATION WITH STRIPES AND INITIALS!!! OMG! so familiar! oh well! as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, guess we know who has better ideas in this industry :graucho:
  2. Sorry to break this to you, but they have been offering Mon Monogram for quite a few years now... :smile:
  3. ^ I never noticed it i guess, like never have i seen anyone use it
  4. I don't think it is as common as it is with Goyard... why, I don't know. I personally believe that the Goyard chevron print works much better with initials than the LV logo print.
  5. Because Goyard is the only designer that makes bags with the option of customizing it. right..

    Lets face it, not one label is 100% original (including goyard).
  6. With Louis you only can do it on certain bags and I do not believe that you can do it on any SLGs.
  7. That is true, the Mon Monogram is only available on the Speedy, Keepall and the Pegase. Not sure about whether their actually painting service was this limited though.
  8. I believe only hard-sided luggage can be hand painted by Louis Vuitton.
  9. Yes, that and Speedies I think... I'm about 80% sure that they did hand-painted Speedies before the Mon Monogram, but I could be wrong so yeah...
  10. LV use to hand paint their Monogram Canvas from its Core Collection but that was done away with it a few years ago. It could be anything as long as the Asnieres workshop approved it (even animals, crests, etc...). Nowadays, only hard sided luggage and special custom pieces receive this honor. The Mon Monogram is silk screened onto the canvas before they assemble the bag so it has more "personalization" than one might think. Also, they heatstamp their leather for free.

    Interestingly enough, New York offered the Mon Monogram before it was offered to other stores and I had one made there. The counterfeiters copied it down to my color choices and INITIALS since I posted it in my blog. It was irritating at first but eventually I found it amusing.

    PS: I am this () close to buying my first Goyard. :biggrin: