1. Okay so i just talked to my mother about the PST that i want. she's all for it saying that it's a great investment piece and that i'll have it forever, etc. So i was like...well that would be an AWESOME graduation present...and she's like well if you want it to be...OMG. It's between the PST or Tiffany pearl bracelet and necklace. Both come out to the same price. Both are GORGEOUS...but omg i don't have a decent Chanel that i can wear everyday. So how about it!? I have to go to the Mall at Short Hills to check and make sure I def. want the PST over Tiffany's.

    What do you all think? Chanel tote...right!?:tup:

    Tiffany bracelet- 395
    Tiffany necklace- 725
    Chanel tote- 1350
    2157.jpg 3770.jpg
  2. nevermind...i tried to upload a pic of the tote...didn't work
  3. Chanel tote:tup:
  4. so difficult! ~ the tiffany set is :love: ~ as much as i :heart: chanel i'm not a fan of either the pst or gst style ~ but personally i think pearls are a lovely graduation gift ~ :flowers:
  5. definitely chanel tote.
  6. i'm not into jewelry, so i'd say chanel :p
    honestly, u can get jewelry like that, even better than that for less price
  7. that's what i was thinking...like i have a lot of Tiffany jewelry...and it's not all that great. Cause 725 for the necklace is quite a bit of money
  8. Hmmm im a sucker for chanel but also for tiffanys.. i say go for the pst!
  9. it's okay, the PST is such a classic... we all know what it looks like! :p

    that being said, with the price increases and all that have been hitting Chanel classics (like the PST), it will probably cost more in a year (or maybe 6 months, if that). Perhaps you can get the PST first to lock in on the 1350 price and then save for the pearls later (like a necklace first, then the bracelet in the future)? -Can you tell that I'm one of those who just wants it all? :push:

    -but that being said, I don't know how often Tiffany changes their prices, good luck! Either way, the items are classic and you will have them for a long time to come! ;)
  10. Yeah, I would go for the Chanel Tote. ;)
  11. PST!!! Yay!!!
  12. Chanel, definitely.

    I don't find the pearls on the Tiffany pieces that nice, they are freshwater. Personally, I'd rather invest in a strand of akoya pearls.
  13. How often would you wear the pearls? They don't seem as much an every day thing as the PST does. But what a sweet choice you have.
  14. Chanel PST
  15. PST.
    I'd normally choose jewelry but I'm not a huge pearl fan:shrugs: