O-M-G...my Karung Knot in brass just arrived!!!!

  1. Words fail me about this clutch!:yahoo: I am crazy in love with it:love:!!! GORGEOUS!!!! I know Ms Piggy posted a ton of pics of it recently....I will try to add a few but I am woefully tech-deficient. I'll do my best though! I think I might want to cry...I am all shaky with happiness! Does this happen with EVERY BV purchase??? One question....do I need to take any sort of extra care with the Karung? Treat it with something? Thanks!
  2. Olympia! Congrats again on scoring your very first BV! Well done on the Knot. I believe every BV lover should have one, regardless if its in intrecciato leather, exotic skin or just plain satin. Please post pics, we can never get enough of them. ;)
  3. OOOh Many Congrats! I have been eyeing this bag on Net a porter! Simply divine! Is it this one....
    bv knot.jpg
  4. ^ Yes, that's the Karung Knot in Brass alright ~
  5. Congratulations Olympia!! What a gorgeous piece to start your BV collection!! Do share your pics and especially your action pics.

    And yes, I'm sure it happens with every BV acquisition. I myself have been on cloud nine since I got my first BV last Saturday.
  6. That is a wonderful piece to start your BV obsession with!
  7. Congrats again! Can't wait to see pics. :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! What a great way to start your BV collection!
  9. OMG is right! these clutches are so stunning, you're going to be one classy lady when toting this around :yahoo:
  10. gorgeous, gorgeous clutch!!!:heart:
    congratulations and welcome to BV!!!:yahoo:
    Action pics .... action pics ..... action pics....... pleeeeaze !!!
    So happy for you, olympia177!
  12. That clutch just oozes elegance and style. Congratulations on your first bottega! You won't stop at one, I guarantee it!
  13. So pretty. Many congratulations.
  14. Love your new bag.I have been admireing the knot clutches for a long while.I hope to get one someday:love:
    very nice! i am soooooo :drool:

    action pics please...:smile: