O.M.G.!!!! I can NOT believe I am definitely a BBAG LOVER NOW!!!!

  1. FINALLY!!!! My very 1st BBag has arrived! :yahoo: I am officially a member of this BBag Forum too. LOL :wlae:

    This is my Brand New 08 Bubblegum City... although it is a little small from what I expected (I thought I could carry it over my shoulder, but then, maybe because I am preggy.. it doesn't fit for now.. LOL)... I STILL LUV IT!!!!

    I have another one on the way, same color... but it's a Work Bag. I will compare both and see which one really suits me. :graucho:

    For the mean time... here she is...
    Pics of my BG City:... SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!! :love:

    with flash:


    without flash:


    with flash:
  2. :nuts::drool: Congrats on your first Bbag!! That would look so good broken in!! Wlecome to Bbag land!! so what's next?:graucho:
  3. Congrats on your first Bbag!! I recently got my first one as well!!!
  4. So pretty! Bubblegum rocks!!!

  5. Thanks!!! LOL! I don't know yet.. I want something in dark red or lilac (I am not familiar with the names/terms of the BBags Colors yet). :graucho:

  6. Awwww, thanks Tarabag! Congrats to you too! I saw yours and it's also pretty! If I don't have a toddler and another baby (on the way!) to take care of, I would get a similar color like yours! ;)

  7. CHHYEAAAHHH!!! Got that right, girl!!! :tup: :woohoo:
  8. awww~~ is your avatar a pic of one of your babies?? SO CUTE!!!!!!!
    and you're expecting too??? :yahoo: how exciting!!!!!
  9. twochubbycheeks, CONGRATS!!! once you break her in, you can easily slide the handles through your arms. the leather is so soft & gets broken in really fast.
    psst after bag #1, there is no stopping!!! i am speaking from experience LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Congratulations! :smile: The leather looks so smooshy and beautiful. :smile:
  11. Yay! Welcome to your new addiction! It's funny how after the first one, the others start coming in quite fast... You'll be amazed at how you'll want one in every color.
    Love the BG! Enjoy her....
  12. congrats, i love the color!!
  13. pretty, congrats and welcome to the club. you'll see how fast your love grows with these beautiful yummy leather bags... enjoy your delicious city.
  14. It's beautiful!!!! Congrats!
  15. Your BG is so beautiful!! The leather looks so nice and soft and smooth!! Congratulations on your first bbag!!