O M G !!! Help with negative suggestions!!!

  1. I actually won an item shown in a listing by BIN... Then had a package show up from Amazon... I didn't order anything from them?!? I opened it and inside is something SIMILAR to what I BIN'd but not what I BIN'd.
    First of all - how in the h3ll does one list something that they DON'T OWN...
    Second of all - the item they ordered from Amazon (after I won the listing) and had billed to them but shipped to me wasn't even what I won in the stupid auction!!
    Third- IF Amazon had what was in your auction I WOULD NOT HAVE USED eBay!!!
    That whole deal COST ME $18.55 to send the item back to the SELLER!! I am so P!SS'd I cannot even see straight. I sent her an email and filed a SNAD asap. She responded outside of eBay email that she wouldn't refund and I got what was in her auction ... I asked how the h3ll she would even know that and immediatly escalated to a complaint in Paypal. PP indicated I am going to be refunded ~ but I am still out the money it cost me to send it back to her - which BTW is just about $15 less than the auction.
    Anyone ever get shipping both ways out of someone? If so how???
    Also - any suggestions on how to summarize this best in the negative feedback I am leaving this seller?? I only have 80 spaces... I'll take the hit to mine in retaliation if I have to ~ that is such CRAP!!!:cursing:
  2. I don't think you will receive shipping both ways unless the seller agrees to send you money to ship back. If you go through paypal or your credit card company, you are responsible for the cost to ship back.
  3. ^
    Yeah I knew I was going out on a limb there---
    Any ideas on how to ding her??
  4. People use dropship companies to sell on ebay all the time, but I have never heard of them using Amazon.

    A good seller would refund your shipping BOTH ways for THEIR mistake but unfortunately most don't see it that way.

  5. If paypal decides in your favor, they will probably refund every penny that you paid for the item, including shipping.

    Do not send the item back to her until PP tells you to do so. You may not have to ship it.

    If she hasn't responded to you in the dispute, you can neg her without her negging you back. She can still leave a comment, but it won't count toward your overall FB score.
  6. This seller didn't BUY what they were selling until AFTER the BIN took place!!
  7. Paypal already had me ship it back to her- which I did promptly within about 18 hours - I am so mad. I called Paypal and Ebay--- this is really a big fat ripoff and against Ebay policy to boot - On top of that she doesn't see anything wrong with what she did... Is it just me??? You "act" as a broker for AMAZON - W-T-F??? Like I said if they had it I wouldn't have been on Ebay. She has already acknowledged to Paypal - at there encouragement I am sure- she would refund the $$ butI am still hacked off about the $$ I had to spend to ship the WRONG thing back to her. Ebay is supposed to be calling me today as well... We shall see. I was trying to put together something that summed up this ordeal in 80 characters and just seem to run on b'cause I am peeved... Help!! Any one bored out there and good with crunched up words??!
  8. Not eloquent but exactly 80 characters:

    Sold item she didn’t have then dropshipped similar item from Amazon crazy b1tch!
  9. ok? Maybe I am confused - don't you have to dropship an item??

    This was not even ordered on Amazon by her until the day after the auction!!
    And the paperwork in the box proved it!
  10. :roflmfao:

    To be fair, there is really nothing "wrong" with dropshippers dropshipping. It's very common, in fact.
    I just ordered that book "Deluxe", from an eBay seller. I got it for less than I would pay on Amazon and a good deal less than it costs in my bookstore. It arrived about 3 days later, shrinkwrapped and perfect, directly from Amazon. I have no idea how that seller could afford to sell me something for a cheaper price than it's listed on Amazon, but I really don't care.

    Now, if I had gotten something SIMILAR to but not exactly what I bid on, that would be a different story and I would be angry. I think everyone is focusing a bit too much on the drop ship aspect of this transaction, and not enough on the fact that the item was NOT what you ordered.

    I have to ask: What in the world was the item, that it cost you $18 to ship back?? And also, this might be a dumb question, but couldn't you have just returned it directly to Amazon, postage paid?
  11. ^
    OK- it is NOT a bag which is why I didn't want to mention - but - this is Ebay forum - they just called me about this -amazing! Anyway. I am only an Aunt - but I am the greatest Aunt and if I get my #1 nephew something -who happens to be just as anal as I am - we have to get ALL of the accessories. If they are on the back of the box with his toy he must have it. So I find it. The latest item on the hit list for him is the Imaginext Pirate stuff. He has everything EXCEPT - Riptide the Turtle. I looked and was not successful in tracking one down. And yes I realize these are sold in some Kmarts-Walmarts but can assure you not in anything within 100 miles of me. I called Fisher Price and they do not have it and will not even have it as a replacement part. Did I mention I was anal??? Anyway this seller had the pirate ship plus two action figures and the photo showed the ship with RIPTIDE and the Ghastly Ghost (also somewhat rare) included in the box. SO I bit the bullet and BIN and thought I would swipe the Turtle out and then give the ship to my great nephew who is only 2 and wouldn't miss it. That is what I BIN'd what arrived was only the SHIP which is all Amazon had- like I said I would have ordered from them if that was all I wanted. So now it appears that I have paid $49.99 for a $29.99 item only to turn around and pay another $18.50 to ship the .... back to the seller because the box was so frigin' big. Ebay said PAYPAL is fully investigating the seller and I could end up recouping both fees-which is what PP said when I got off the phone with them as well. Who knows- I just want this seller X'd. Ebay suggested I wait until the 90th day to tag with feedback and IF she tags me first they will promptly address my appeal as she is NEW(26) and I have been there for xyz years - blah blah blah. Looks like I will wait and tag her...

    And yes - if they want it - they get it... They are all I have besides my pups:shame:

    Greatest Aunt ever - as my niece says when I overheard her in her room with a friend...
    "Do you have an Aunt Heather??! - I do!! - You would like it if you did!":okay:

    I am just miffed because I am a GOOD - Honest - Seller and would never dream about listing - providing pics - and describing something that I didn't have yet. And then to have the wrong thing arrive :cursing: - she didn't even know what I got and was a bi@tch!!:push:
  12. A few months ago I bought a coin purse from someone overseas on ebay that turned out to be fake. As soon as I opened it I knew it was fake and I was so upset that I immediately sent a nasty email to the seller explaining that the item was fake and that I was shipping it back and would expect a full refund, including shipping both ways. I told her that she was in violation of ebays sellers rules and that it was against the law to sell and mail fake designer merchandise....that I would report her for internet fraud etc...etc....She sent me back an email saying that she was not aware that the item was fake and agreed to a full refund. I sent the item back - which cost me also around $15.00 for insurance, delivery confirmation etc... and she refunded the full amount. I never left feedback, even though I should have, but I figured I was lucky that she cooperated and since she had only the one item listed - not like she was selling a bunch of fakes I decided to let it go.
  13. ^
    You were lucky!
  14. That is how dropshipping works, buyer pays for the item and then you order it from the dropshipper.

    Hope it all works out for you
  15. I had a seller do something like this recently. I was ordering an item that I could have bought online, but she had a reasonable price and I think free shipping, if I remember right. Well, maybe 3 weeks later, I was still wondering what happened with my item. I emailed and she said that it's held up at her supplier and should be in within a week or two. It wasn't until I said that I was filing a Paypal dispute if I didn't get it by x date (which, btw, was right before the timelimit) that anything happened! I didn't mind the dropshipping so much, but was :cursing: that she would sell me an item that's not in stock!!