O-M-G ! ! ! Come see my christmas goodies!!!!!!

  1. First , Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing day !

    My mom kinda shocked me cause she told me she got a verone Suhali lockit pm for herself and i was so happy for her and then she told me she didn't get it and handed me a huge box!

    Ok so i really wasnt expecting anything like this at all and i'm soo happy !:nuts:
    i'm kinda speachless so heres some pictures!


    I got my Mom the Suhali Black Zippy Compact wallet
    & Epi card holder!

    Then i got the Blue Suhali Lockit PM which i LOVE!
    & The Blue Suhali cles,
    Blue Inclusion keychain,
    Grey Sprouse scarf (Sorry i don't know the exact name!)

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
  2. OOOHHH :nuts: :nuts: I really :love: Blue Lockit, congrattss. So gorgeous.
  3. PS: are you Blue lover? ;)
  4. WOW, it's absolutely gorgeous, lucky you! I saw this one in the boutique a few days ago; it's a beautiful color! enjoy it and thank you mom lol! Merry Christmas!
  5. :yes: It's a beautiful color. I saw my mommy's lockits, in White & Black but never keen lockit until I see yours.
  6. WOW that is a very nice blue!! And all the matching accessories, wow your mum is sooooo cool!!
  7. Congrats ... great gifts:love:
  8. OMG Congrats Kaiie !!! those are TDF !!! I love blue, one of those items was me and your mums secret at Leeds LOL.
  9. ^ LOL Steve ! That was a well kept secret i had no idea! :nuts:

    Thanks everyone!!
  10. LOL How'd you guess????
  11. awsome christmas present. they are gorgeous! merry christmas to you.
  12. Wow!! The blue color is stunning. Beautiful gifts. Merry Christmas.
  13. wow congrats !!!!!! model pics please please :flowers: especially since we rarely have blue suhali lockit posted lol
  14. Very nice i haven't seen this color IRL yet!
  15. *Falls to the floor* that`s GREAT!