O-kaaaay. How would you respond to/deal with this?

  1. So, I just got this email from a buyer:

    "Hi, I just paid with PayPal. Please package this bag carefully so that the leather doesn't get scuffed or creased during shipment. Also, please ship this in a roomy box so that it won't get crushed in transit, and include all the items that come with it (dust bag, cards, price tag, extra tassel, etc.) Please don't tell me you don't have a box to ship it in and then ship the purse in a paper envelope -- an ebayer did this to me and I was very dissatisfied with the service!! "

    WTH? She only has 97% positive feedback, is not Paypal confirmed and is lecturing me about dissatisfaction? I don't even want to deal with her.

    I forgot to specify in the auction that I don't ship to unconfirmed addresses...can I still refuse payment and not to sell to her? Maybe I should risk the negative b/c I have a bad feeling about this buyer. Would really appreciate other thoughts on how to handle this. Thanks in advance!
  2. If your add said that you will not ship to an unconfirmed address and your customer can not supply you with a confirmed one? You have the right to deny the sale. I say stick to your convictions.

    Oooops just read your letter more close??? You did not say a thing about unconfirmed addresses. Doesn't Paypal have a claus about that though??
  3. Well, it's up to you if you want to sell to an unconfirmed address or not. If you do, make sure you send it with insurance and signature confirmation.

    I can understand her fear of a seller packing an item poorly. It has happened to me, too. I would just tell her that you will pack it with extra care. That should make her feel better.
  4. Although I might have worded my email differently, I can understand where she is coming from. I have received a designer bag that was folded in half and crammed in a flat rate box (even though the seller charged $30 shipping) before. It left permanent creases in the nameplate and piping of the bag. That said, I wouldn't ship to an unconfirmed address. You should contact Paypal to see what your options are. Good luck!!
  5. :lol: Oh, those Balenciaga buyers are a tough crowd! Surely you don't have to state in the auction that you don't ship to unconfirmed addresses in order to enforce that policy?
  6. How utterly rude......:cursing: Yes, I would tell "boss lady" that she MUST confirm her address with Paypal before you can ship her item. When I asked a recent buyer to confirm her address with Paypal, Paypal told me I had to refund her payment and resend the invoice after she had confirmed her address, otherwise the address would not show as confirmed. What a pain. But the buyer seems really sweet, so I have no problem guiding a newbie through the process of Paypal confirmation. I always politely explain the benefits of shipping to a confirmed address for both the buyer and the seller.

    On a side note, whatever happened to decency in this world? Would you EVER talk to a person (be it a sales clerk, cashier, whatever) like this face to face? Most sane people wouldn't...but people say whatever they want in email, forgetting that there is an actual person reading it whose feelings could be hurt.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this...
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I guess I can understand her concerns, but still think the email is rude and demanding. Especially given how I baby my things (not that she would know that, but I have gotten good feedback on my shipping). I think I'll sleep on it and re-visit in the morning.
  8. i totally understand where shes coming from as well. i once bought a a blow off valve for the car n the seller was too stingy to buy a box, so he put it in a bubble wrap envelope(u know what it looks like)! and of course, it arrived partly damaged. i know he wanted to save money on shipping but com'on, wheres the common sense? he thinks that post offices will handle people's stuff with care? especially he didnt write "frigle" on it? i wish i sent him a message like that before he shipped it out. but with MANNER. ur buyer was pretty rude by the way.
  9. If you do decide to honor the auction, take plenty of photos of the packaging, from the contents to the wrapping to the box. It may even be a good idea to have someone photograph you doing this, in a step by step process. This way, if she tries to claim the bag came damaged due to poor packing and does a chargeback, you have visual proof she is lying.

    I have shipped to unconfirmed addresses when I forgot to include the clause in my auction, and made it clear the item will be sent insured mail with signature confirmation. I paid for the insurance out of my own pocket, but it was worth it for that peace of mind.
  10. I guess I understand her point, but she made it sound about as rude as possible. I would not ship if her address is unconfirmed, and then I would insist she purchase (or purchase yourself) insurance. God forbid anything should happen to the purse and she try to blame it on your packaging. Sheesh.
  11. Sounds like a buyer I had a few months back who was a pain in the butt. If a buyer without confirmed address and not great feedback is so demading before the sale, doubtful they will be joy to deal with when all is complete.
    I am not a big seller on eBay and this person made me realize it is not for me.
  12. If you do send to an unconfirmed address, you will not be covered by Paypals T+cs should the sale go t**s up.

    It would have helped to be clearer in the auction, but I don't think that asking someone to comply with the t+cs should neccessarily have to be spelled out.

    Getting insurance won't cover you if the package is delivered but transaction is made on a stolen card, for example.

    Make sure you cover yourself.

    How about replying along the lines of;

    "I understand your concerns and will of course make sure the bag is packaged appropriately.

    I note however, that you do not appear to have a Paypal confirmed address? Please can I ask that you contact Paypal to get your address confirmed. Without the address confirmation, under Paypals terms and conditions, this means both of us being without Paypals transaction protection."

    Good luck!

  13. She sounds like trouble, if you ask me. While I agree that some sellers are careless with packaging and she may have had a bad experience, her email sounds like she might be setting you up for a bait and switch or a buyer's remorse refund later on.

    You only need to read some of the horror stories on this forum to know that eBay is no longer a happy trading place! If it were me, I'd risk the neg - I'd be worried that no matter how carefully you packaged the bag, she will come back to you next week with an "I received the bag and it is creased in three different places... I want a refund."

    People who aren't trouble makers do not write emails like that, no matter how many bad experiences they have had!
  14. I can understand her concern about the packaging if she had a bad experience in the past, but there was no need for her to say what she did in her email. I would send her an email asking her to confirm her address. If she refuses, I would explain that you clearly stated that you only ship to confirmed addresses and that you are going to refund her. She sounds like a real B, and a pain in the a$$.
  15. I sure wouldn't mail without her address being confirmed. She sounds like a pill.