O.k What bag should I get next for spring/summer

  1. I think its time that I got a new bag for spring/summer, I already have pink hanover but I still not loving it that much ( too square and just too pink)

    So whats a good look for me??, I`m kinda liking the east west in pale pink otherwise ??

    Would love to get a proper bayswater but think that i`m just too small to carry one??

    Any suggestions, bearing in mind I haven`t got thousands to burn, can`t really go any higher than £400.
  2. The east west in pink is really gorgeous and within your budget. I think the small Mabel shoulder bag is nice as well, if a bit small.
    Personally I would go for the pink bag as it is really a classic shape and the colour is perfect for spring.
  3. East West Bays in pink for definate!!! I can see it going with loads of stuff!!!
    Except your green barbour!!!:nuts::p
  4. Ditto on the East/West in Pink!! Send me your Hanover, please:yes::yes::drool::lol::lol:
  5. Why not something in Oak? I'm a believer in year round bags... Oak looks great with white, and with black. And with everything.
  6. Does one wear a barbour in the summer??:p

    Think that the east west is looking good,would love to get a full size one do you think its to big??
  7. East/West is a perfect size!! Just enough to fit all the essentials in but also very light!! (I don't know if the new pink is Buffalo leather or Darwin)??
  8. I think the pale pink leather is glove or tumbled or whatever they're calling it now :lol:

    Another vote for the pink EW Bayswater - it's really cute :yes:

    Rachie - how are you getting on with your indigo EWB? I think it might be next on my list if I can find one at sale prices :yes: Is it too big for evening use?
  9. Tara - I can't believe you still aren't liking the Hanover. Send it to me please as a spare as I'm using mine so much it's bound to wear out!

    I think pink would be great with your colouring - east-west is a fab bag. How about pink Soho? It's a really good 'sling it on and off you go' shape and it has one strap.
  10. I´m about 160 cm´s, can´t covert it to feet? foots? anyway, not very tall and I actually think it looks a bit like Bayswater is carrying me... Love the style and Ledbury is a solution to the size issue although much smaller. Just my thoughts.

    Good luck getting a new bag!
  11. :boxing::boxing: Hey I asked first!!!!!:p:p
    Tara, the pink would look great on you! Go for it!!!

    Soho is also nice looking and I like the slouchiness!!
  12. I don't think the regular Bayswater looks too big on anyone - it's just a matter of what you are used to seeing yourself with. And it isn't bulky, so it just blends into your outfit easily. And I don't really find it heavy - I have carried much heavier bags in my life!
  13. Bayswater doesn't suit everyone IMO. It looks dreadful on me! You would def need to try it as you are tiny and it might dwarf you. Think e/w would be a better fit.
  14. ^^^ I'm lucky,as though I'm a stick,I am quite tall,so I can carry a Bays on my shoulder.But if your a bit on the small side I think it can look ok carried as a breifcase?? But I'm paticularly lazy and like slinging my bags on my shoulder!!