O.K. make that a Magenta First Instead!

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  1. OOPS:shame: I originally was on the hunt for a Magenta City. Well...... changed my mind:rolleyes: . I looking for a magenta firt. Now that would really make my collection POP:shocked: ! Anyone??:yes:
  2. YIPPEEE!!! DISREGAURD!! Just found one!!!! YAY!!
  3. wowwwwww that was fast!!!! yipeeeeeee:yes: :love:
  4. what? omg! you're so lucky ranskimmie where did you find your magenta first???? oh im so jealous... so jealous i could cry!!! BUT congrats!!!
  5. How did you find one so quickly! Tell me your secrets!! lol Congrats!
  6. lucky lady!

    Post pics when you get them!
  7. O.K ladies, HELP! I found a great authentic magenta first on ebay BIN for $799. I clicked that freakin button so fast my head was spinning. Then after I paid, like an idiot looked much closer at the pics and noticed one of the studs on the frount of the bag is missing! UUURRRR!! Can I ship it to Bal NY for repair?
  8. ooo congrats! luck 'o the draw! you got quick BIN fingers :lol:

    call them and ask! I think they do repairs, if they dont just DEMAND they send you one extra stud hardware, I bet it would be easy to find a shoemaker to fix it from there...
  9. yeah give Bal NY a call!!! oh you're SO lucky!!!!
  10. My god that was fast! How amazing & lucky!!!
  11. Call Bal before you pay. And are we certain its authentic, I didnt think the studs could come off thst easily?
  12. ^^^ Im still looking for my magenta city. The one I purchased is just not worth it. The missing stud and all. So the hunt is BACK ON!:P :roflmfao:
  13. Kimmie were you able to get out of the auction?? I hope so.
  14. Did you get your money back? Anyhow.. you can call balenciaga for extra studs but i've heard they're not so reliable especially with their customer service. you can problebly get it fixed at a good shoe repair shop.