O.k i'm gonna do it just need a piece of advice.


Should I buy a Monogram Speedy?

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  1. So after going back and forth about buying a mono speedy i think i'm going to buy one. For some strange reason its the only highly replicated bag that i don't mind owning........
    anyways been reading alot about the speedy sagging, aside from a folder, cardboard, or magazine are there any other ways of preventing it from sagging? do they always sag? I would feel weird to have a piece of cardboard on the bottom of my designer purse at all times....(no offence to anyone who does that JMO)
    I'm planning to get a 35. Any advice? thanks
  2. I think it's Kat that has a piece of cut and sanded down plexiglass in the bottom of hers. That would be something a little more permanent than cardboard. You could also get a purseket to distribute the weight more evenly on the bottom of the bag, but the large size might be a little small for the 35.
  3. Hmm...well, if you're bag isn't going to be stuffed with your items, they will pretty much sag to some degree at all times. But I have a speedy 30 that I pretty much carry at least once or twice a week, and I've never really minded the sagging so much (maybe it's just because I can't see the sag :smile: ). I don't have cardboard or anything in there and it's fine with me. Does this help? :smile:
  4. I put a magazine at the bottom to prevent it from sagging. That solved my problem :biggrin:
  5. By all means, YES !!
  6. That is what I have done as well. Works great!
  7. hey ayla, ms. LV expert, haha. this may seem like a dumb question but where can i purchase a plexiglass?? ahha.

    :wacko:<---clueless me. hhahhaa
  8. I just joined the speedy club and it is a very nice feeling!
  9. A big fat...yes!! :biggrin:
  10. Do you normally carry alot? If not maybe you should get the 30 instead?
  11. I might go fo the 30 if i feel its porportionate to my body. i'm 5'10 and i tend to like big bags thats why i was thinking of the 35.
  12. Your local home depot should carry it, as well as maybe craft stores since there are crafty uses for it as well !
  13. definetely get the speedy 30! it is a must have for any collection.. so classic and stylish but functional. you won't regret it ever!
  14. I have the Speedy 35 and LOVE it. Its so substantial in size. it says "Hey, here I am."

    If you live close to a boutique I would try both on and see how you feel. I'm 5'4-5'5 and the Speedy 35 looks fine on me.

    Either one that you get you'll be happy. Its a classic bag. Timeless.

    Yes there are a million fakes out ther but you can tell the difference.
    And nothing beats the confident feeling you get knowing you're carrying the real deal :biggrin:

    Good luck and post pics when you get it;)
  15. I have the 35 and 40. Love them so much!!! I posted some pics in several threads here of me and my 35. I have a catalog at the bottom of the Speedy so it doesn't sag!
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