O.J. Simpson's Girlfriend Hospitalized With 'Severe Head Injury'

  1. [​IMG] AP

    O.J. Simpson

    O.J. Simpson's girlfriend Christie Prody was hospitalized Tuesday in Miami for what police are calling a "severe head injury," Entertainment Tonight has reported.
    An anonymous caller reported a woman falling and was taken by Fire Rescue to Baptist Hospital of Miami with a severe head injury, according to a police report obtained by the television show.
    Prody had been "intoxicated and always falling down" during a trip this month to San Antonio, a witness told police, according to the report.
    She "went out for breakfast only to be found later that day in the hospital," a witness told police, according to ET.

  2. I wonder if he had a part in this?
  3. Ummm.... Isn't he in jail? Hopefully he stays there if he is.
  4. I heard he's out ! They only doubled his bail.
  5. Nope he's out :sad:
  6. wow. please keep us updated.
  7. I think she's an idiot for going out with him. WTH is she thinking???
  8. It will never happen to me. I am different. I am special. What I have with OJ is real.
  9. who would date this guy? =/
  10. That's really sad, but what do you expect after dating man like O.J.
  11. She must've had several head injuries before this for dating Simpson.
  12. please keep us posted!

  13. exactly, tired of hearing about this guy. he is clearly no good. but you know some women are attracted to losers.
  14. he's already out? damn!
  15. O.J. Simpson has a girlfriend?