O.J. Simpson To Write a Book Detailing Hypothetical Murders

  1. I am not sure if this is really belongs in the celeb section.
    It is from a pretty reliable source,MSNBC, but I can't believe anyone would actually print this. It saddens me.
  2. "which also claims that Simpson aims to keep any book money instead of paying it out in a civil suit judgment against him by spending it all quickly."

    This man absolutely disgusts me... & yes, he hasn't paid a dime to Nicole or Ron's family that he owes them. I certainly hope the justice system will do something to garnish his income from this book if it happens. Ugh. And to the publishing company, SHAME ON YOU~
  3. I don't think its the best idea for OJ to write a book about murders he says he didn't commit. What is he trying to do here? :confused1:
  4. That's really disgusting! What a blow to her family.
  5. I really hope this is not true. Think about the kids! How horrid.
  6. He disgusts me. If this is true, shame on the publishing company that gave this monster $3.5 million.
  7. I think he's trying to thumb his nose at Nicole's family, Ron's family, the justice system and America in general.

    Nothing this guy does surprises or shocks me anymore. What a creep. His poor kids got stuck with him for life.:wtf:
  8. I think he's just one step closer to completely snapping and telling the truth. I don't see how anyone could live with themselves if they did indeed commit something so heinous.
  9. ^I agree, I feel bad for his kids.
  10. indeed ..the kidz are the real victims
  11. Geez, the things people will do for money. . .
  12. I feel awful for the victims' families and the children. This is just disgusting.
  13. Oh. My. God. That is so sick! What kind of person would DO this? He supposedly LOVED HER at one time!!!!! How could ANYONE write in detail (whether they did it or NOT) about the murder of their former lover???????
  14. UPDATE:

    Goldman family obtains rights to O.J. Simpson book

    By Jane Sutton Mon Jul 30, 6:55 PM ET

    MIAMI (Reuters) - Rights to O.J. Simpson's hypothetical book "If I Did It" passed to relatives of murder victim Ron Goldman on Monday as a federal judge approved their settlement with a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee.
    Lawyers for the Goldmans said they would seek to capitalize on the book by arranging new publishing, film or TV deals to help satisfy a $33.5 million wrongful death judgment won by the family against Simpson in 1997.
    The book was billed as a hypothetical account of how the former football star could have carried out the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Goldman.
    The News Corp.-owned publishing house, HarperCollins, scrapped the book in November before its planned release amid a torrent of public outrage.
    Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, who originally joined in condemning "If I Did It" as the shameful exploitation of his son's murder, has since waged a campaign to collect any money generated by the book.
    Simpson was acquitted of criminal charges at the end of a sensational murder trial in 1995 but was found liable for the deaths his ex-wife and Goldman two years later in a civil case brought by the victims' families. He has vowed to never voluntarily pay the damages rendered against him.
    Earlier this year, a California judge ordered rights to his book put up for public bidding to benefit the Goldmans' claims. The auction was canceled in April when Lorraine Brooke Associates, a company set up in the name of Simpson's children to collect his reported $1 million book advance, declared bankruptcy in Miami.
    However, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Jay Cristol ruled in June that Lorraine Brooke Associates was a shell company formed to conceal Simpson's book earnings from the Goldmans, paving the way for them to pursue their claim.
    Under the settlement hammered out by lawyers earlier this month and approved by Cristol on Monday, the Goldmans obtained all rights to the book, and to Simpson's name and likeness in connection with it.
    Those rights will now be held in the name of Ron Goldman LLC, a new entity that "will market the book under the true crime genre," family lawyer David Cook told Reuters.
    Cook said he has received several inquiries about the book from literary agents in recent weeks, and the Goldmans were considering changing the title to "I Did It," or possibly "Confessions of a Double Murderer."
    Relatives of Simpson's ex-wife, who had not previously pursued a claim to his book, made an 11th-hour request for a share of proceeds gained by Ron Goldman LLC, but the judge denied their plea.
    As part of the settlement, the Goldmans must pay the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee for Lorraine Brooke Associates 10 percent of the first $4 million in gross proceeds and a percentage of all proceeds beyond that.
    Most of that money will go toward the $24 million settlement the Brown family won from Simpson on behalf of his two children with Nicole.
    "I guess this is the start of the book tour," Cook said. "You'll find justice in the true crime section of the local bookstore."
    Purported excerpts from the manuscript surfaced in recent months in Newsweek magazine and on the celebrity Web site TMZ.com, but Cook said it remained to be seen how that would affect the book's commercial appeal.
    "On one hand we suffered an impact of dilution, but the story was also disseminated to a large audience who had not heard of any of the contents," he said.

  15. Gag me. Ugh. That is just sick and wrong on so many different levels.