O' Happy Day! She's finally here!! Wheee!!!

  1. I don't really know how to make the pics show up here and I'm too excited to learn anything new right now! So, here's the link!!!!:yahoo:
    My very first Chloe' and I'm in LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!
    :heart::heart::heart: I love it! I love it! I love it! What do you guys think though? How's the size? I'm only 5'3.
    DH is not happy that I am soo in love with it. He was secretly hoping I wouldn't like and return it. I think he's eyeing a tv or something. Not a chance! I just love the color and the leather is sumptious! I have been compulsively packing and unpacking her and hanging her and carrying her and all sorts of weird stuff since I got home. My poor children are feeling neglected today. I would be perfectly happy to sell off alll my bags and keep just this one if I had to. Well, maybe except for my Fab. I do love that bag too. Chloe' is my new love though! I can't wait til I get another!!! :yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous!!!! Even your doggie agrees, his tongue is hanging out:graucho:. Looks great on you! Perfect Choice!!!!
  3. Thanks...
    OMG, how embarrassing, I just noticed that's not all that's hanging out! I guess he's excited about it too. :roflmfao:
  4. Ooooh yeah baby! It looks fabulous on you! A classic beauty all the way around!
  5. Wow - that Chloe was made for you! The brown is beautiful. Where did you get her?
  6. I got it at the Nordies sale from the Bellevue store in Seattle. Thanks! I am loving her so far!
  7. It is gorgeous on u!!! A very pretty paddy for one pretty woman!!!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! The bag is devine and it REALLY suits you!
  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    btw, you've been bitten by the chloe bug. I think they put some kind of chemical in the leather that causes such an instant addiction. The minute you touch one you can get enough:p
  10. the bag looks really nice on you! Congrats! You look great! and Happy!!!
  11. Beautiful it suits you perfectly I have the med satchel in choco and feel like you about it and I have had it for a while now. A true staplbag and an absolute keeper.
    Chloé choco is just the best!
  12. :nuts: You look gorgeous! I love choco~ Beautiful colour!! CONGRATS!!!
  13. Congrats! This find is really perfect for you. Enjoy it!!
  14. Julie... aren't you glad I enabled you? lol. :smile: You look gorgeous with it (and without it). :smile:

    by the way...is your collie a blue merle? :smile:
  15. wow, that is a gorgeous bag, and it really really suits you.

    Many congratulations, there is no feeling like your very first Chloe :biggrin: