"O" feedback??

  1. I have just had someone purchase a bag from me who has 0 feedback. Are there any problems with this? I don't want to be scammed as it's a l.v. bag. Many thanks in advance
  2. Hey...everyone has to start from 0, if they pay fast enough and their address and contact number are ok you should be fine. Can you PM me your eBay name...assume its ok to ask? :smile:
  3. If the buyer sends you the money first then I don't think you should have too much trouble:smile: I'd say just follow the normal precautions as if it was any other transaction (meaning she sends money, THEN you send the bag). I know there's been a lot of negativity about '0' feedback bidders but lets face it, everyone has to start somewhere and slowly build up their feedback score. They can't all be as bad as some of the stories being told.:yes:
  4. Thanks everyone, that's what I thought, we all started somewhere. Many thanks for responding.
  5. I always send my zero feedback buyers emails, thanking them for bidding on my item and welcoming them to eBay. Then I ask when they're going to pay. If they respond, you're good. If not, and they don't pay within 7 days, then follow procedure when appropriate for any non-paying bidder.
  6. This person paid immediately with Buy it Now so I don't know. I did send a email and thanked them and confirmed I would be sending tomorrow. I will put a lock with combination on the bag to hopefully avoid bait and switch. i just hope they won't be offended.
  7. Sounds like you have done everything right. I haven't heard of using a lock to prevent bait and switch, but have used tyvek bands myself for all expensive items, not just with zero feedback buyers. Some of my very best contacts have been with Ebay newbies and, as with everything else, it is impossible to generalise but I understand your desire to protect yourself!
  8. Hi Sook'y We don't have the tyvek bands in Aus. I don't think. Can't they just cut those off anyway. Someone said at least with the lock they have to email you for the combination thus accepting the authenticity. Just a thought.
  9. They can cut them off but the deal is that the bag is non-returnable unless the band is still in place. I didn't explain it very well - sorry!
  10. Thanks Miss Sooky:tup:
  11. Make sure that you are mailing it to a confirmed address and everything~~
  12. :tup:Thanks yes I will. It's a shame we have to worry like this but there is so much fraud going on at the moment it's scary. thx
  13. Sounds like it'll be okay. Everyone has to start at zero :smile: Just some of us did that quite a few years ago!