O Feedback Bidder

  1. Someone with 0 feedback is bidding on one of my bags. Should I be worried? They just joined eBay today. Should I cancel their bid? I am not sure what to do...and my auction does not close for 3 more days. :confused1:

    Any advice would be *much* appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Last time I had a 0 fb bidder that was new, he was the first to pay.
    You could always email them, just a little note to "confirm" the bid.

    I currently have a 0 fb bidder on one of my purses, they have been a member for 2yrs and have never bid on anything....now that makes me nervous.
  3. They probably just joined today because they saw your bag and wanted to bid on it :tup:

    I do know how you feel, though...its always nice to have someone with well established feedback win an auction, but....we all started with 0, right?

    Good luck with the sale!
  4. Whenever I have a zero FB bidder, I always email them and say something like welcome to eBay, thanks for bidding on my item, and ask if they have questions. If they're legit, they will write back. If you don't hear from them, then block them. I've had a lot of success with this method.
  5. Also, ask them if they are verified with Paypal. I had a 0 FB bidder win an auction, and I was nervous about it, but he said he had a Paypal account for a while, but never had bid on eBay before. It all turned out fine!
  6. Thank you PFers :heart:

    I will wait a day or so and then send a note to the 0 fb bidder if s/he is still a contender - also ask if they are PP verified since my auction is a paypal only auction.
  7. I can't speak for all 0 fb bidders who have been a member for 2 years but on my ebay account, I have been a registered user for 3 years with no fb because I've been too hesitant to take risks but now I'm considering it and I'm worried that people will think I'm a fraud or something! So maybe s/he is the same way... finally decided to give in to ebay but is an honest person.
  8. ^^^ I agree, it still kinda makes you nervous on a highend item. I have emailed them and gotten no response.....I don't want to cancel their bid and make it a terrible first time experience if they are truly honest and intend to pay. *sigh* I guess I will just wait it out and see if they pay.

    When you bid, maybe you should email the seller just to let them know you are serious so they don't worry. Good luck in taking the plunge!
  9. Everyone has to start somewhere so give them noobs the benefit of the doubt. It's always essential to communicate with newbies to make sure they understand the bidding on an item means they are legally binded to pay (although with years of experience, this statement, conned by eBay, is nothing much but mumbo jumbo).
  10. That's a really great idea!:tup: I may have to try that next time I have a zero fb'r.
  11. ^I totally agree that newbies intent on really buying would respond immediately! Thanks 4theluvof-it - I just took the plunge by selling something off of ebay with the buyer paying with personal check (after contact with her on ebay). Is this a safe method of payment for me to accept as a seller?
  12. ^^A check is fine, just don't ship the item until the check clears...give it at least 7 business days.

    On a side note....my zero bidder won and still hasn't responded to any emails:shrugs:
  13. Not all '0' feedback bidder is bad. Just contact this person. If he/she replies, then it should be ok.
  14. olivegreen: I think just wait until the check is cleared before you send the goods. Personal check should be safe unless the bank screw-up. It happened to me before with a bank in the UK. The check cleared but a few days later the $ was reversed and I was told that the owner of the check didn't have sufficient fund in his account. But again, there is always risk in doing business.

    4theluvof-it: that's not good. I hope the winner will respond soon.
  15. I had a 0 feedback buyer a couple of weeks ago - they now have almost 100 in positive feedback! They paid me & everyone else & have been buying up a storm!!