NYX Swatches..

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  1. I'm dying, dying, dying to try on NYX cosmetics.. I think I would start from lipsticks.. Any of you ladies here loves NYX as well? Can you please, please give me some idea of their swatches (especially their blushes and lipsticks) because I know it's far from what they have on their website.. TIA!
  2. I ordered some of their Jumbo eye pencils. I will let you know how I like them when they arrive. :smile:
  3. you can check youtube for loads of NYX swatches.

    or type in the color you're interested in into a search engine. lots of beauty bloggers post swatches on their sites.

    so far i love the jumbo eye pencils (SO much better than MAC shadesticks!) and the matte shadows. that is all i have tried, but i have a huge NYX haul waiting.
  4. I ordered 10 nyx products (mostly l/s and l/g) yesterday, i'll post swatches when I get them, but i guess it'll take about 1,5-2 weeks. I didn't want to order but there's only one drugstore selling nyx here, and everything costs exactly 3 times more than on the website - i was quite shocked when I visited the shop. I was looking at swatches online for hours before I finally placed my order lol.. I can only hope they will look good on me. :/
  5. Wow! Thanks ladies!! I will definitely wait for the swatches! ^^

    By the way, I heard that Nyx lipsticks are not that long wearing and easy to take off? Is that true?
  6. I have no personal experience but I also read that on a blog. Honestly, for the price I don't mind if that's true :biggrin: I always carry the lipstick/gloss I'm wearing with me so for me it's not really a problem
  7. i have heard nothing but great reviews of their round lipsticks (not sure what that means, but that's what people refer to them as). i think they are in a black tube.
  8. I can't wait and since cherry culture is having 20% off now, i decided to give nyx a try! I ordered some! Hehe! Can't wait till my package arrives here in hong kong... ^^
  9. There is a link to my blog in my signature. If you look under the NYX label, I have swatches for a lot of their products including the round lipsticks. That should give you an idea of the shades. Hope that helps.
  10. ^ wow!! I just saw your site and OMG! I'm so jealous!! You have a really good collection! I love it! Thanks for sharing! It's really informative and at least now I have an idea of how each colors would look like. Thanks again! :biggrin:
  11. ^No problem. Glad I could help :smile: