NYT yesterday

  1. Which bbag was on page 3 of the main section of the NYT yesterday in the Barneys ny ad? It said "Have a Balenciaga day" It was white and shoulder hobo-ish shape and it was $1245. Of course this was not on their website either.
  2. i thought it was the giant hobo? does this link work?

  3. I'm guessing of course, but I would assume its the "Day" bag... judging by the headline

    Although, that price sounds a little more expensive... unless thats what they are charging for the GH?

    Can anyone else shed some light?
  4. Is this what you saw?

    This is Nanaz's LOVELY Cafe Day with GH
  5. well the pic was blk/wht and i think its looks most like the pic nycmom posted so I didn't know the hardware was gold. But in her pic the bag looks bigger than in the NYT ad.
  6. I just went and checked yesterday's NYT. I believe that's a new style, the "giant hobo" that so far only comes with GH (I hope they will do it in classic hardware). It is similar to the day bag (confusingly also called hobo), but has a somewaht different shape.

    See bag on bottom right of page:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  7. I love that bag :love: and I'm on the list for a sandstone. So does anyone know the size of this bag? By calling it giant, do they mean the hardware or the bag?
  8. I think giant refers to the hardware but I haven't seen the dimensions.
  9. They are calling it the "Giant" due to the hardware and not the actual shape. I've seen this shape in person (White Hobo w/ Giant hardware) and I have to tell you, it's quite dashing:love: