NYT: The Duds of 'The Devil Wears Prada'

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie and I'll make sure to pay attention to the fashion!
  2. I was reading somewhere that the woman that the movie is sorta based on said she would blacklist any designer that decided to put their clothes in that movie. Maybe that's why there aren't any of the new hot designers in the movie. The classics have nothing to be afraid of.
  3. BTW, They are selling some of the items on ebay.
  4. I don't expect a big Hollywood movie to replicate the actual fashions of the industry because the general public has its expectations of how fashion mag editors dress. I'm still excited to see all the outfits, though I gotta say I am not into that crested blazer and thigh high boots look that's photographed in the article.

    I doubt Anna Wintour publicly said she would blacklist designers who provide wardrobe for the movie. There was a rumor going around that she threatened to blacklist designers who make cameo appearances in the movie.
  5. Hah! That is a GREAT bit of gossip...:cool:
  6. I remember the time when Anna Wintour got publically humilated when Peta group poured something all over her. For some reason or another, nobody really felt bad for her.

    However, I cant wait to go see the movie. Its opening tomorrow and I have plans to catch the last showing time. Hope its good!
  7. I agree with the part in the article where it said that the characters looked like they were "trying too hard", but that's a criticism I also had of Patricia Fields' work in SATC. OTOH, it's a fantasy, and I think the majority of the audience that doesn't work in the fashion industry is expecting to see Designer Outfits.
  8. I loved her clothes for SATC, well actually mainly just Carrie's clothes. I'm an attorney and looking at Miranda's clothes just made me sad. I hope the clothes for the movie are fun, but I really hate that jacket/boots outfit in the photo.
  9. Exactly...it sounds like they hit their mark based on their viewing audience.
    Quoted from the article:
    Ms. Dubin said: "It's costume. People now are more subdued."

    Which is how it should be..this is hollywood. Not a documentary.

    I think it sounds fabulous and I am even more excited to see it since i know Patricia Fields did the styling!