NYT Critical Shopper at Balenciaga New York

  1. Interesting article! Thanks!
  2. :lol:..........the way she describes the SA's I had to chuckle. Sounds familiar? lol
  3. I love it! I hope the "nazi" SA reads the article....
  4. i wonder who that poor little timid SA was, the man of course, not the vile-spewing woman...
    too much pressure to be cool and aloof, i think
  5. hahahahaha ..love it :heart:
  6. eh. now i
    a) never want to venture into balenciaga ny
    b) think cintra wilson loves herself a bit too much.
  7. I loved it! Thanks for posting.
  8. Love the way she described the SAs!
  9. ^^ LOL, me too, she's spot on!!! :tup:
  10. Thanks for sharing that with us... ;)
  11. What a hoot! :lol:
  12. Wow, that pretty much sums up my experience of dealing with the SA's at Balny.
  13. I enjoyed the article. I thinking phoning in to the store is enough for me - no need to EVER go visit in person.
  14. IMHO the writer was too gentle.:p