NYT article about Tods

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  1. Thank you, pursecrzy, for posting this article. Reading about Tod's always fascinates me.
  2. Something to be proud of......how refreshing.:woohoo::yahoo::love:
  3. Thanks a lot for the article
  4. You're welcome!

    I've been so happy with all of my Tods handbag and shoes. The leather can take anything and still look great.
  5. Great article!
  6. Love TODS and this article only makes me love them more!!
    Their shoes have kept my feet comfy since 1991!!! Love the bags, the shoes, the SLGs, the clothes...
    Going to print out this article and hang it in my office. Mr Della Valle is an inspiration!
  7. Love this article!
  8. Thanks for posting. Was in Tod's today, their shoes are the only pumps that I can wear all day, through airports, walking in the city, etc.
  9. What a wonderful article! Thank you.
  10. :tup:
  11. Fascinating! Just got a new pair of pumps in the mail, can't wait to wear them. Ready to order some more after this article!:P