Nylon Prada at amazon.com for $50.00

  1. I got one because I thought it would make a cute cosmetics bag to shove in my backpack. Just thought I'd share this price drop in case anyone else is interested. Am I allowed to link from here?


  2. Is this for real? I saw it at Saks outlet for $140. It seems way too cheap for an authentic piece. Any advice? anyone??
  3. Yeah I purchased mine for around $150 with tax from Saks a while ago.... how can they be $50?? Wouldn't Amazon lose money that way? :hrmm:
  4. Did you read through all of the customer reviews? Most of them are negative regarding the quality of the bag. I'm not sure I'd risk it...
  5. I agree with you twinkie. If somehow there's a proof that this is authentic, I wouldn't risk it. I love prada and I was reading the feedbacks as well since I thought of purchasing it. They are all complaining about the same issue which makes me think it's definitely fake. The strap shouldn't break that easily.
  6. I believe that there are multiple vendors under the umbrella of Amazon and so the product may not be coming directly from Amazon.
  7. Make sure the seller is Amazon.com - I know I got one for $70 ($75 plus $5 off via gold box). It came with the authenticity cards an all.
  8. ^^ I used it a couple of times but it was too small for me really.
  9. This is what the cards look like with the bag I got. I have no idea what the cards are really supposed to look like as I don't have any other Prada bags.

    Picture 004 (Large).jpg Picture 005 (Large).jpg Picture 001 (Large).jpg
  10. I've seen this before on amazon and I love the look of it, but, I'm worried it would be too small. I'm with you though, I love the look of it, but, the price worries me, esp since I've heard amazon.com sold a ton of fakes by accident not too long ago :shrugs:
  11. They appear to be shipping directly from amazon not an affiliate. But :crybaby:I didn't mean to buy a fake. If it is I will return. Not that I can tell the difference. Maybe if the quality is poor? I just didn't think that amazon would intentionally sell fakes.

  12. The authenticity cards look good! They look just like the ones that came with my authentic bag!
  13. Susan-Eric is right! lots of thing on sale on amazon are cming from individual sellers who then give amazon a cut of what theyy sell, so theres no guarantee this bag is from Amazon. It could easily be a private seller just using amazon to sell their stuff. a friend sells books this way on Amazon & makes a lot of money from it!