Nylon or Leather?!

  1. Good afternoon ladies!
    Would you get a nylon spy or leather spy with a difference of about $63?! Please help me decide.....
    Many thanks!
  2. definitely leather.
  3. leather!
  4. leather, when you're already spending all that money get the better textile
  5. I ditto that, leather, then check out the zucca or other fabric spys.:smile:
  6. Leather all the way!!!
  7. another for leather
  8. Hi there, thanks so much for your help, I went ahead and ordered a baby spy in black leather, will post pics when I get it! I can't wait........
    look what you gals did to me........

  9. :yes:
  10. Leather... IMO, the leather makes the spy!!!
  11. Leather!!
  12. leather w/o a doubt

  13. Congrats on your order!