Nylon messenger in new adverts. Pretty?


Do u love it?

  1. The bag looks great! I love it!

  2. The pretty models make the bag look great, silly

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  1. I love how the new nylon messengers look on these gals! They look so casual and they don't seem to be trying too hard, unlike the recent spate of new bags. Is simplicity the next "It"? Its abt 700. U gals love it?

  2. U can NEVER go wrong with a nylon Prada.I think EVERYONE should have at least one in their wardrobe.I find them essential for travel too!
  3. This messenger looks great!
    Nice and big, just the way they should be.
    I agree with Jill-you can't go wrong with a nylon prada!
  4. I have a smaller version of this one years ago, it's great for travel and casual. But you have to be careful and NEVER get it wet.. the nylon can go wrinkly and doesn't turn back to normal when it's dry :true:
  5. ^ having said that I still love it though
  6. I m so tempted to get it! But its not as big as it looks. Its quite small for a messenger actually. The models are small and waifish, hence the bags look big.

    But it turns wrinkly with water??? Horrors of horrors! Oh dear, I hate carrying umbrellas around! It reminds me of my horrible mulberry bag in nude color; every time it rains, I have to hide, regardless of how gentle the rain is, as the rain drops results in ugly ugly ugly water stains on the leather.

    (Alternatively I may get something in y gold from tiffany instead... went shopping yesterday, can't believe the ring i bought one year ago (1837 gold ring) went from $400+ to $850! Value for money!)
  7. i have this bag in brown, love love love it....(actually its the nylon cross body pocket bag ) got it from Neimans... i have several of the nylon bags and love them all....they are lite weight look great hold alot...i dont know about getting them wet, i am sure i got stuck in the rain holding one and its fine... but i dont know how to clean them, i do have a couple of stains on one of them...not sure what to clean it with...but all in all, they are my fav bags..
  8. I think the bags look great.
  9. Love Prada nylon bags. Like Jill said they are great for travel. So lightweight. Mine has gotten a little wet without any problems, so far!
  10. Am actually really loving the wool skirts in these pictures...
  11. i love this bag, but i thought the idea was that they were all-weather?

    that's pretty lame to hear...
  12. I have one of those and it's great for travelling! I had accidentally spilled water on it a couple of times :sweatdrop: but I just cleaned it with a dry cloth and it looks just as new. But I did have to change the inner lining cos I tore it, don't ask me how I managed that when the outside looks perfectly fine lol.
  13. can someone post a pic of them wearing this bag so I can get an idea of how big it is on us real gals =)

    Does anyone know the model number of this bag and the name? I want to call my local Neimans to see if they have it in stock...thanks ladies
  14. I got my first nylon Prada in the early 90's, have 3-5 now, and have used them in all kinds of weather. I have never had a problem with water, and not just light rain either. I still have that original one and it still looks and feels fantastic. I don't think you can go wrong with the nylon!
  15. I agree!:tup: