Nylon gauffre questions

  1. Here's the deal: I have never owned nylon Prada anything, and I have just fallen in love with this nylon ivory gauffre. Aside from the fact that it's probably way overpriced :smile:, do you all think it will be a bad choice due to the keeping it clean factor?

    are these nylon bags tough to clean?
    can you treat them with anything to keep the dirt away?
    what about the handles, do they go bad like the Bbags handles, darken?

    she sure is beautiful tho:

  2. hi izitso

    yes the nylon bags are extremely hard to keep clean. i have a bunch of black nylon bags that i used to buy from prada and even they get dirty easy. while its usually easy to clean the color kinda faded away for mine, prob because they were old and dirty.

    i bought a white nylon before that was gorgeous but stopped using it after two times because i got a black stain on it that was impossible to get rid of. and it destroyed the entire look of the bag.

    i think the gauffre is very cute and definitely think you should get it but i would go with the leather style because it will be much more durable...and i do think you're right in that its too overpriced for nylon...however, if you're really keen on the nylon...perhaps a darker color will fare better! let me know what you decide...i say no to nylons now tho! a few hundred more you can get a leather bag so why not! hope this helps :smile:
  3. Isn't there somthing you can spray them with to make them more durable? Or is that a no-no with the nylons?

    Cause a friend of mine sprayed her Gucci tote with something (it was tan) to make it more resistable, and made stains come out easier..
  4. I have a couple of nylon Gauffres..I throw them on the ground..LOL..They NEVER get dirty!!
  5. I love these bags... and the colour, however I would go for a darker colour as it is likely to need cleaning a lot.
  6. what if I never use it? just look at it alot... !!! :girlsigh:
  7. I have a nylon Prada bag that I'll carry tons of books in, spill stuff on, etc. and I have never had a problem with cleaning or fading. Mine is authentic, so I'm not sure if fading and hard cleaning comes from fakes or use of harsh products. I just clean mine the way Prada told me to and that is to use a damp cloth with mild soap. I would highly consider getting it, or if your uncertain - in a darker color.