Nylon bags you can throw in the wash... or handwash

  1. My search for the everyday, knock-around Nylon bag continues. I had finally made my choice (or so I thought) -- the MZ Wallace Beatrice (see first photo below) when I saw the Gryson Jasper in Nylon (see second pic). I love that it's big, but am iffy about the suede lining. Do they make all-Nylon bags (Gryson)?

    I know you gals have helped me out on this before but I need your help again :sad: Anyone with experience with either bag? I know Tod's makes great nylon bags but they aren't really doing it for me (plus whoa the price tag! A bit out of my budget!).

    And... for the clincher... is there a cute Nylon bag that's a shoulder or one with two options (like the Jasper) or a cross-body one that is easy to launder? Does one even exist?

    I can't thank you ladies enough for all your help. This place rocks! :tup:


  2. I put my Herve Chapelier tote in the washing machine, but it's very similar to the Longchamp ones.

    I just bought a Jasper, thinking I could throw it in the wash, but the suede lining will prevent that. Gryson doesn't make bags that are all nylon to my knowledge.

    I too want a great nylon bag, but I want it to have some structure, and not be too pricy...I will keep my eye on this thread!
  3. I don't think Gryson makes bags that are all nylon either, but I have the Gryson Black Olivia in nylon, and it's easy to clean with a wet towel when it gets a little dirty.
  4. Oh I like the Beatrice. Can you wash it with the leather handles?
  5. I love Prada nylon bags. They last forever, look cool and mine stay brand new looking because I spray them with a great waterproofing spray that can be used on synthetics as well as leathers. I have never laundered a Prada nylon bag, because of fear!
  6. i have a herve as well that i just throw in the wash
  7. shoeguru, I don't think so :sad: I've contacted them via the website and am awaiting a definite answer. Will update here once I do get a response. :biggrin:
  8. Hm, I personally wouldn't wash a nylon bag if if had leather handles. Surface cleaning would probably be better.
  9. Lesportsac is the only other one I know of that does nylons.
  10. ^Thanks for all your help ladies! And so the search continues...
  11. Lesportsac or Kipling? but they aren't really high end or stylish.
  12. ^Thanks shorti!

    scd, I do like the Stella McCartney line for Lesportsac but it's not that... neutral... thanks for chiming in :smile:
  13. Not washable but I've seen lightweight bags from Gerard Darel like the Ibiza bag. No, it's not nylon (Ibiza's made of cotton I believe) but I'm looking for a nylon bag too and it seems we don't really have a lot of options. :tdown:

  14. Thanks tuna lala, that bag up there seems to have the Chloe Bay zipper look! Very nice.