Nylon bags and the Multi-Kerry

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  1. when do we think these will be going on sale... I wouldn't mind getting a white one for the summer... I am also thinking of the Multi Kerry bag... It has sorta grown on me like crazy! I have not put my self on a ban per say but i am trying to slow down.... does anyone remember the price of the kerry..
  2. i think the multicolor kerry is on sale for around $330ish.. 33% off of retail price..
  3. Regular price is $495 so sale price would be around $330 like indi said.
  4. I am thinking that may be a bag i get... i like the nylon but i just found a juicy one i like as well... I also saw a lipstick rowington out and about yesterday... I really would like another rowington, but i think i still want a cheetah one.
  5. Hey ladies I found a black and a black and white westwood it is the tall nylon one it was on sale for 330 I am torn cause it is about the same price as the kerry
  6. I really love the black & white Westwood, I'm not so crazy about the Kerry (but I'm coming around). I'm waiting for the Jen and Jolie.

    anyway jfyi, sale on this nylon too:
    I actually really like the melrose messenger in black, it's down to $296:
  7. I think both of the bags you want to get are eventually gonna go on super sale, so if you can wait it out I think you'll be able to save a lot of money. If you want one now, I would go for the Kerry since they are both the same price. I don't think the nylon is worth $330. The nylon bags I'm sure will go for at least 50% off on the Nordies website and elsewhere, if not more.
  8. The LS rowington is so pretty! But if you want a cheetah one too, the cheetah wins in my eyes, hands down! That bag is so awesome.:jammin:
  9. Those nylons need to marked super super super down.....
  10. ^ ITA, I see a 70% off slash in the future....
  11. Yeah I think for the Rowington the Cheetah is one of the best prints.

    I want one of the little Nylon cross-body bags....but yeah I need at least a 50% slash....preferably 70%!
  12. They had three of each color so i am just gonna wait it out and hope the come to the rack or off fifth