Nylon bag with a long shoulder strap?

  1. I've been slowly encouraging my mother to get interested in designer bags since I started my collection. We went shopping at Sak's over the weekend together and she fell in love with some small nylon Prada bags they had for sale.

    The only thing she didn't like was the short shoulder strap. She wants something with a longer strap she can wear cross-body.

    In any bag she prefers:
    - lightweight
    - long shoulder strap
    - fun color (I am thinking Blue this time)

    She's done a lot for me since I moved out and bought my own house, so I would like to find the perfect Nylon Prada bag for her.

    Any suggestions? Pictures are encouraged as I'm really new to Prada.

  2. The messenger bags have longer straps
  3. I'm looking for something similar for myself for when I travel. I know it's not Prada, but what about a Longchamp messenger bag? That might work for your purposes....