Nylon backpack. Opinions?

  1. I've been looking for a backpack to use for work, travel and for days out with my two small kids. I don't want a backpack that looks like a school bag or something sporty. I've considered just getting a plain basic backpack but it seems too boring for me. So I'm looking at investing in a nylon Prada backpack. Right now I typically carry Celine or Chanel bags and still plan to carry a handbag so the backpack shouldn't be a everyday bag. I need to carry kids junk and a laptop on occasion. Anyone have a Prada backpack and can comment on it? Is it worth it? This is the one I'm looking at getting

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  2. I don't own a backpack, but I own several Tessuto nylon bags. I don't think you'll be disappointed with a Prada tessuto nylon backpack, or any item made of this amazing fabric. It wears like iron and looks great doing it !!
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  3. I agree that prada nylon wears well...I have three bags and they still look like new. I think a Prada backpack would work well for you.
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  4. So I ended up getting the backpack! Only used it for one day but I do love it. I don't feel like a student wearing it and it's nice to be able to carry a lot without being weighed down. Now I'm obsessed on getting another backpack. Maybe a Chanel leather one next
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  5. Glad you got it! I just got mine and it’s awesome
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  6. Congratulations it looks very cool! Love Prada Nylon.
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  7. Congrats, it looks cute :smile:
  8. I have one I bought about 10 years ago. I still use it and it has held up fabulously! Congrats!