NYers to the rescue =]

  1. Ok my sister just got the bag and the package from JapanLa, and now she's sorry she didn't order a bastardino necklace like I got for my friend. (I told her she would be :nuts:).

    SO! Where in Manhattan might she find a bastardino necklace? :shrugs:
  2. I don't think I've seen toki jewelry in NYC anywhere - only watches at Yellow Rat Bastard. Maybe they might have some in now tho? I havent been there in a few weeks.
  3. Can't she just order one from JapanLA, it gets there in like 2-3 days eh? Or you need it right now? Lol.
  4. No, she's gonna be there for a week, so 2-3 days is ok. Worse case scenario we'll just order them over here. 13$ is not THAT bad for shipping, but since she's already there it would be easier to just get it in a store.

    (If there IS a store that carries Tokidoki jewelry ;) ).
  5. is there a metropark in NY? if they have one they might have those necklaces :shrugs:
  6. I can't believe that I can't think of a single store in NYC that carries Toki Necklaces. I'm sure there are some I just don't know of any.

    There aren't any Metroparks in NY that I'm aware of.

    Let us know if you find out who sells it :yes:
  7. Metropark once told me they only have a store in NJ, I didn't even know they had necklaces.

    Isn't there like a JapanNY or something? :push: There's no way not a single store in Manhattan carries Tokidoki jewelry!
    Well if anybody thinks of something let me know. :wlae:
  8. I think UO used to have them..either in store or online, but that doesn't help you now....

    I was told most shops order their stuff when they attend their shows, so most things, once they're out, they don't get more. Is that always the case, or does japanla reorder?

    I was thinking you may be able to get one of the girls to help, get the necklace and then ship it to you, but wouldn't shipping cost you about the same for it to get to them and then to you? I was thinking it may be better for you to order it online, in that your sis, if she's making stops only for tokidoki for you, is probably spending more just driving around, tipping or parking.
  9. Hehe, no, the necklace is for her (though I want one too :shame:smile:, and she has a week to hang around in Manhattan, so she's gonna make stops and shop whether she can find the necklace or not. :lol:

    (If she doesn't get it, she already warned me she's gonna confiscate the one I got for my friend :sneaky:).

    Just figured saving that 13$ for shipping would be cool, but like I said, we'll just order over here if we have no choice, then I'll have an excuse to shop for more necklaces, to justify the shipping costs. :wlae:
  10. That's my pitfall as well- buying more to justify the shipping, or to get rid of shipping costs. lol. when is she supposed to get to NY? I'll see what I can find.
  11. She landed yesterday, that's how she got the package and saw Bastardino. [​IMG]
  12. oh...must act fast....but I'll have to get back to you.
  13. Ah no worries, if you can think of a place just let me know, I have a backup plan anyway. :graucho:

    Btw, if you're into canguros, there's one with emo boy on the front pocket, it's cute as hell.

    Here it is.
  14. They do look alike, for a minute there I thought it's the exact same one.

    I don't like that dalek qee though, I prefer the blue Meomi which is surprising since I love pink.