NYers are you staying cooool? 100 + degrees

  1. OMG :wtf: I just came from a stroll along the hudson river by the WTC and it is sooo hot, i was melting. Thank gawd i have a very flowy babydoll on... Is everyone staying cool? :supacool: :beach: I am not looking forward to the subway ride home.
  2. haha--this is why I've been browsing around the PF a lot today--I'm indoors and don't want to leave my desk and air conditioned room!!!!
  3. D&G excuse my ignorance but the subway has no A/C? I've never been to NYC so dumb here :smile: As for me, I'm in the NEast too. For once I'm glad to be @ work in the freezing A/C! My house looks like a morgue as I shut all the shades and turned the A/C on high. Hopefully it works and keeps the house cool!
  4. Its a HOT mess out there, I had to go 30 blocks for a meeting i happily jumped into a cab, only to find out his AC wasn't working !!! :nuts:

  5. The subway has AC, ...sometimes you might hop on a train car that doesn't,but it's the subway platform that does not..:wtf: and it's like a suana down there!!!!!

    My work AC isn't strong enough to combat the heat, but it's still tolerable :smile:
  6. I've been staying indoors all day so the heat hasn't gotten to me yet. I was outside this morning and it was awefully hot.
  7. It's no better in North Carolina today, in spite of what the weather.com map shows. We're at 96 with a heat index of 104 degrees!! :yucky:

    Geez, I miss living in the mountains!:crybaby:
  8. The platform doesn't have A/C? I'd die! In DC the Metro (subway) platform has A/C but they've sent out a notice that the trains are running late and crowded b/c of the heat - ewww.
  9. it's boiling out there. just came back from doctor's appt. the sun actually hurts my skin!! :nuts:
  10. I went out twice to walk the puppy and couldnt stand it..its horrible out...
  11. It has finally cooled down in parts of Southern California!!! Still a bit hot (in the car) but DEFINITELY waaaaay better now~ Woohoo!!:yahoo:
  12. It is brutal! I went out a couple of times but prefer to stay in w/ my a/c cranking. Thank God my kids went to a waterpark today w/ their camp.
  13. 102 with an heat index of 112 in sub. Chicago!
  14. Staying the AC for me, its 48C which is about 118 F.:nuts: is all i can say.
    The minute i walk outside my glasses fog up:hysteric: its sohumid out there.
  15. I'm in indiana...around 98 with a heat index of 105 or so. Walked from one end of campus to the other today (and Notre dame is small) and was sweating!
    Went out onto my 4-season patio (forgot to turn the AC on out there) and my glasses completely fogged up!

    Ewwww....I left California to escape the heaT!