NYE - tonight! Anyone taking Chloe out?

  1. Of course I am going to. Any excuse will do. The only problem is which one? My newest and most favorest of all - the black patent dome satchel??? ORRRrrr - my python chain handled Betty which happens to go great with my outfit???

    Meanwhile - Happy New Year to all my purse forum girlfriends - and my ONE PF boyfriend Josh!! I love you all. I should: I spend a heck of a lot of time here! Here's wishing all a most wonderful Chloe (or whatever purse works for you!) year filled with love and happiness!!!:heart::yahoo:
  2. Ahhh... thats sweet:love:! Happy New Years to you too:drinkup:!
    The only place me and my Chloe bag will be going tonight is the grocery store. Both my babies are under 5( which means its much harder to find someone to keep them and that someone would only be grandparents or my sisters since I'm so paranoid..lol) and no babysitter means no party:crybaby:!!!!
    So make sure all you lucky gals, who get to go out and celebrate, have a drink for me;)!
  3. Ali - I remember those days only too well. My babies are grown up now and we are going out to dinner with one of them - my son visiting from Japan with his girlfriend - and then we will meet up with the neighborhood crowd for dancing later. IF we are still awake. You have a very happy New Year!!!
  4. It's got to be the black patent dome (your photos of that bag have caused quite a stir !). Have a fabulous evening Div and if we are the only ones wishing all our Chloe girlfriends a Happy New Year then I think we should be very proud of ourselves ( and at the very least treat ourselves to a Buxton Organizer:heart: each...you take the Tan and I'll have the Red...maybe Susie would like the Black one ? :lol:)
  5. ^^^ I second that motion... dome paddy for sure!!!!
  6. Great girls! The dome it IS!!! No argument from me. Meanwhile we can all dream of our Organ-izers. (I can be very bad for a laff). Hope they don't kick me off. Boy do i love BUXTONS!!
  7. divnanata - I know you will be rocking that dome paddy tonight!!

    ali w - I'm not going out tonight either. DH and I will just stay home and chill.

    Happy new year, everybody and be safe!!
  8. Thanks kiss! Enjoy yourself baby! Thank goodness my DH is not imbibing early.
  9. My chloes will be safe at home with me and the rest of my family....

    Happy New Year everyone...
  10. Me and DH and Chloe went out to a very early dinner (DD is only 20 months). We were seated at a nice corner table, and I put Chloe in between us, and showed DH all the things I love about her! He was rolling his eyes, if you can believe it!
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

    In view of the high chance of someone spilling a drink on me, I took my good old muscade paddy - she's the most resilient in case of emergency (or stupidity)! Fortunately, nothing happened and she made us both look great all night LOL
  12. Went to a NYE party in the neighborhood, but my Chloe's stayed home.....took my little BV bag----Chloes get to go out tomorrow.

  13. Hey HAPPY NEW YEARS! We just walked in our home with enough time to see stroke choked Dick Clark count down the seconds leading into 2008!! DH and I kissed and he went to bed while I headed HERE! SICK RIGHT! Don't worry I'll be joining him:graucho:

    Tonight patent chain handled Betty donned my arm. Lots of comments from the dinner table in regards to her fabulous handle and size! I kept referring to her as my baby since she sat on my lap the entire evening. I couldn't even hang her off my chair since we were sardined to our tables. She wanted to steal the show with her looks;) but I would have none of that tonight!!

    May 2008 bring health, wealth and more importantly spiritual growth! God love you all!!
    Again Happy NY's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Next New Year's Eve you could avoid having to sit with your bag on your lap all night by purchasing a Buxton Organiser:heart:.I'm sure whatever glammy evening dress you chose to wear would be much enhanced by having a 22inch (adjustable) strap draped across it:yes:.
  15. Happy New Year everyone! :yahoo::drinkup::yahoo:

    We just went for a meal last night and got home quite early but I took my dark silver Chanel Reissue out with me.......:push: Using Chloe today though ;)