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  1. Okay, so there has got to be some ladies on here who live in New York City! Sorry if I'm being nosy but why do you live there and what do you enjoy about New York? The city has always fascinated me but to tell the truth it also slightly intimidates me!
  2. I live here because I always wanted to, lol, and my workplace has an NYC residency requirement. I moved here first for grad school, found the job with the residency requirement and have been here for almost 5 years (it'll be 5 in February). It's been a busy time, but I've loved every minute. I don't know if I want to settle down here permanently, but I'm taking it as it comes.
  3. i live 20 minutes outside of the city in westchester. i love it here. i have a beautiful backyard with lots of green grass and am so close to the city that i go all the time.

    i wouldn't want to live in the city unless it was off central park & madison. it so much quieter there than everywhere else but of course the property is a little steep:rolleyes:

    maybe someday i will get an apartment for fun and still keep my house. basically it'll just be a place to crash after a nite out or a day shopping:love:
    but it would have to be in the somewhere downtown, or way uptown...i need a chill neighbourhood
  4. I moved to NYC from san francisco (which is a realllllly nice city too) because of boredom, I thought if all goes bad, i'll just move back to san fran. I live in the city, right next to the 6 train --- which is a big plus for me. Love the parties and the restaurants. I love the sample sales! I definitely plan on staying here 4 awhile : )
  5. I'd love to do that if I ever leave the area, too. It doesn't have to be fancy- the neighborhood is more important, ITA, but I think it would be a great investment.
  6. School took me here, my career kept me here, and my love of the city has made me decide that this is home. It is a bit crazy, but you really can find a bit of everything within Manhattan.
  7. I live in Staten Island, by default. My dad is here thats the only thing keeping me here. my husband other than proximety to work can not stand it.

    Honestly I can't justify raising children in such a populated area (ie any part of NYC) I can't wait to move, to a more sedate area.
  8. I live in Manhattan. Yes, it's nice being close to many places. But I've recently visited Conneticut and envied how clean and quiet it was. I want to move now.