NYC - YSL Large Muse in White

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  1. Hi everyone. Just came back from YSL NYC and finally saw the muse in large. I was thinking the medium (or small according to YSL) would better suit me since I'm petite but when I was there, the large looked great. Between the black and white color, white definitely stands out. Since it's such a classic shape, I think white is more fun but that's JMO.

    I have it on hold and will decide by tonight whether I will buy it. I have a question - right now I have a white Balenciaga and the ivory Paddy. Do you think it's too much for me to get another white bag (Muse)? Should I sell the Paddy? Or should I wait to get the Muse?

    I just don't want redundance and having 3 white bags from one season might just do that. Opinions please! :idea:
  2. Love the white :biggrin: Thanks for the headsup! I'd consider it if I didnt just order a white B fendi :lol:
  3. Get the Muse in black since you already have a white Bbag and an Ivory paddy.
  4. Oh but I don't want the muse in black. it looks too conservative for me. and i also have alot of black bags....sigh, what should i do?
  5. Welllll, I have a black Stam, black Paddy Bowler (both black with gold hardware), a million other black bags and did I hesitate to buy the black Muse? Heck no! :biggrin: The Muse is a bag in a different category as far as size so I don't consider a repeat.

    Enabling brought to you by Daisy.
  6. Hehe, I'd say go for it if you like it that much. You can sell your paddy if you decide you have too many white bags.
  7. btw, for some reason the second half of the message didnt post, I think you should get the Muse! White is such a great color :biggrin: Dont sell the paddy!
  8. Oh, I just re-read. I thought you were getting the Oversized. Hmmm...if you're considering the medium or large, it IS a little close to the others, just as far as size. My *personal* opinion... I would never sell a Paddy to fund a medium or large Muse, it's not special enough. But if you're tired of the Paddy....
  9. I'm afraid I might get bored of the Muse real quickly. I love my paddy but I feel guilty for getting the Muse without getting rid of one. I'm a Balenciaga girl so I would never give them the only other is my paddy. I guess I need to think carefully....
  10. Wait to get the white Muse if you can, it's beautiful. Don't sell the Ivory Paddy or the White B-bag those are really beautiful too and hard to find! I think they're classic bags so, they'll always be "in" year after year. By the way, how can you think the black Muse is to conservative for you ;) ....look at Madonna with one!

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  11. oh...sorry wrong use of words. it's not conservative but i just like white more. :biggrin:
  12. Pursemama: LOL! I posted that yesterday.... that pic is that the one that pushed me over the edge. I LOVE my Oversized black!
  13. Me too! :lol: I love Madonna (fanatic) and when I saw that pic of her with the black Muse.....SOLD!
  14. Well, considering that I DON'T love Madonna, it's an even bigger statement that she made me love that bag. lol! I especially love that first pic where's she's got the coat and the boots. *drool*
  15. You should get it. I want one in brown!
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