NYC year-round bag sample sale place?


Nov 2, 2007
i was on my way to a sample sale today, when i passed by this unremarkable storefront that had prada bags on display and said sample sale. i went in, and looked around: they had prada bags, marc jacobs bags, chloes, bottega venettas, etc. for a couple of $100s off. the SA told me the company buys real bag samples from the italian factories and get new shipments in all the time. the downside is that each bag in the store is either only one or two of its kind in stock.

they said it's totally real and authentic, new, etc. has anyone shopped there before? bags were still pricey -- most were over $1000, but they were reduced at least a few hundred dollars. i saw chloe paddingtons, a medium betty, mj stam, and a LOT of pradas.

anyone heard of this place and its claim to be legit?

authentic wholesalers
42 w36th st. between 5+6th aves.


Feb 6, 2007
I would be very, very wary - that area is known for having a huge amount of fakes. A walk down 6th ave in the 30's will show you that. I'm not saying that it's not authentic - just be very cautious.


Jul 7, 2006
New York, NY
I think they're authentic, but I won't go there anymore - a few months ago, I was waiting for them to get what was supposed to be a huge Balenciaga shipment in. They'd had a bright green bag I hadn't bought quickly enough, and was hoping to get something similar. Well, the bags came in and I want to say the green was too dark and the blue too light, or vice versa, but they weren't just knocking my socks off. I thought about the green one, asked if they could hold for the afternoon (big purchase, no return allowed, had to think about it) and the guy said to me, no lie "oh, you couldn't wait for them to come in, you had to have one, and now you're not sure?"

I walked out and never went back. For the 20% discount, I have decided I'd much rather give my business to a store like Barney's or Nordstrom who act like they're happy to have my business rather than someone who thinks they're doing me a favor to sell to me.


Jul 28, 2006
i happened upon that place once. i believe it's authentic but i didn't find anything i liked there...