NYC - Where do you shop for trendy and fairly priced clothing?

  1. A lot of people suggest H&M for trendy and fairly priced clothing, but I've been to that store and I absolutely cant find anything nice in there. I think the quality of their clothing is horrendous! It feels so cheap. Well, I will admit that their clothing is trendy and very cheap! But, I really cant stand that place. I also dont understand why there were just so many ppl packed in H&M when Viktor&Rolf designed several clothing for them. The quality of their clothing was still horrible.

    Of course, Barney's is the epitome of shopping heaven, but it is, of course, really expensive. So is, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. Where do you shop? I'm a college student and I work part-time, so I don't have TONS of money to shop. But, I do shop alot.

    Does anyone shop at Zara or Mexx? If so, what do you think about their clothing/style?
  2. what about trying banana republic/jcrew? their pieces don't really look "trendy" and their quality probably isn't up to par with premium designers, but add in some fabulous accessories (like belts, necklaces, etc.), those classic pieces constitute a pretty fresh and trendy outfit!
  3. *century 21 has some good stuff
  4. For the young and trendy, Banana is definitely good, it is not cheap however.
    I found, for my daughters and actually even for myself ZARA does have great clothing, some look so close to Armani, Ellie Tahari, etc., so as to fool anyone's eye and their prices are great., for you, I would definitely say Zara and Banana!
  5. sample sales are the best way to go!

    zara is great for style, so so on the material, but style can make up for some of that. they are also reasonably priced, probably b/c they are usually polyester based.

    jcrew/banana are good for basic sweaters, pants, shirts, for school...especially if you get them during final sale!

    century21, syms, loehmans, are all great for bargain hunting...if you have time to sift through the stuff.
  6. Century 21 has some really reat deals! It seems to be always packed with people and very busy-at all hours of the day. What I don't like about NYC shopping is the tax on shoes and clothing-on over $110 I correct?
    We don't have taxes on shoes or clothing in Minnesota!:smile:
  7. i love deacons closet in brooklyn..used but fab clothing so cheap its unbelieveable
  8. wtf? no sales tax on clothing in minnesota? i've never heard of any place that didn't have that...i think NYC is like most places and has sales tax on all goods - shoes, clothing, hammers, whatever.
  9. what about anthropologie? they have great stuff and when they have sales it's awesome.

    i only like century 21 in long island. the store is so much nicer. the one in the city gives me hives. lol
  10. anthropologie has fantastic stuff
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    That's right, Amanda, no taxes here on shoes or clothing...and some accessories I think, because I paid no taxes on my muse. I think that's another reason we have loads of tourists come to the mall of america.
  12. I would agree with what people said about C21 has some great finds. So does Zara!! I also suggest going to Saks. Bergdorf's and Barney's some stuff is 70% off and you can find some great deals!!
  13. We don't have sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania either! :yes:
  14. I live in new york and LOVE anthropologie...

    I'm also a big fan of BR for classics.
    Filenes basement or Loehmans (sp) are good if you have time to literally search for one decent item.
    I've found some really good stuff in thrift stores in manhattan, there are a bunch on east 23rd street in the lower 200's, like 220 etc.. in that block you can find maybe 4 thrift stores? definetly worth a look.
    I love mexx.
    It also might be worth a trip to woodbury... i love that place but have a ban at the moment :sad:
  15. I completely agree that the one on LI is much better since less people shop there and that there is a bigger selection. I love zara. When I shopped at zara last thursday, there were a lot of things on sale. I got a cute chunky sweater for $20 and a classic cardigan for $25.