NYC Waxing help (recommendations)

  1. Hi all,

    I'll be going away in the next two weeks and need a NYC rec for a great waxer. I have very sensitive skin and am slightly squeamish :p

    I'm open to Manhattan, Brooklyn or Astoria.

    Please help if you can :yes:
  2. Not that I'd be helpful, but what kind of wax are we talking about? eyebrows?

    I'd like to find a better one in LA too if possible. Where does everyone go?
  3. This is OT, but laser HR will really eliminate these waxing issues! I hated breaking in a new "waxer," the laser was money well spent, IMHO. Good luck HC, I hope you find a good one!
  4. to clarify: waxing-all kinds from eyebrows to bikini

    I can't do laser yet cobalt, my skin is pretty sensitive and my derm advised against it
  5. I trek all the way from DC to NYC to visit J Sisters everyother month for brazilian and full leg wax
  6. i read about this place called Shobha in manhattan on the NY Metro site. it was under the categories of "Best of NY" for .... I personally haven't gone there yet but i have been planning to for a while. they do threading for the face and waxing for the body. i thought their prices were pretty reasonable too. hope this helps! they have a website. just google their name.
  7. harlem cutie, i'm with DC cutie on J sisters. No frills just a large area partitioned by curtains but they are very thorough! i hate it when i go someplace to wax and i come back seeing little finee hairs still there!! =((

    I"m not sure if they have something special for sensitive skin though.

    J sisters is also the best for brazilian waxes =) IMO....
  8. thanks ladies. I shall call up J sisters tomorrow. My sister recommended them too lol.

    The sensitive skin is usually a non-issue with a pro. The last tme I had waxing done by a lady that wasn't my regular I got burned :sad: and cold wax just doesn't work for me
  9. Let us know how it goes! Getting burned is not good!! no such problems at J sisters. =)
  10. Shobha spa in Soho...they do treading but for waist and down its waxing
  11. Do you want to go to a SPA or a regular nail salon to get this done? I have a couple of places in Astoria where I think you can get it done.
  12. Jadore, makes no difference. just really looking for a place where the waxer is a pro.

    Dc & Bubblicious-J Sisters is pretty much all booked up cuz of V-day. I'm going to try to walk in by next Wed. :smile:
  13. Urgh booked up. sorry to hear that. i gez everyone is trying to squeeze in their brazilian waxes! :graucho:

    see if the person answering the phone will call you if someone cancels. sometimes if they are helpful they'll do that. if not call everyday to check for cancellations. i'm serious!!