NYC Vuitton Store SA - Unpleasant Encounter!

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  1. Hello all,

    I have always enjoyed coming to the forum and reading up on everyone's purchases. Alas, as a poor law student, I have put my bag shopping on hiatus for the last couple of years ... until now. :yahoo:

    My bf wants to get me a fall bag, and I am debating between a Trevi GM or a Balenciaga GGH in Raisin. I know the Trevi is a classic bag, one that will last for years. So, yesterday after work I went to the 5th Ave LV store. Mind you, I wasn't dressed up, but I looked nice and was carrying my black MiuMiu coffer.

    Anyway, it took me about 10 minutes to get the attention of a SA, although many were loitering around. The store had several customers, but many were browsing. An older woman took the Trevi off a shelf for me and I opened it, checking the leather, etc. She kept repeating how much the bag cost ($2,050) -- which I am aware of, since I had already checked online. She said the cost about five times. I then asked if she had more in the store, because I would be back this weekend. She glared at me, zipped the bag shut, and turned her back to me. I stood there for about 15 seconds waiting for an answer, but she just shook her head and walked away!!! I have NEVER been treated this way before!

    Needless to say, the store lost out on my purchase. I called my bf and he was livid. I assume I can just get it at Bloomies or Saks, but jeez, what awful customer service! Has anyone here received this type of treatment?
  2. That is absolutely unacceptable behavior. If I were you, I would place a call to the store manager asap.
  3. That's completely ridiculous! Some people need to just get over themselves. Sorry you had such a bad experience!

    The only LV store near me is in a Saks, and the SAs are very pleasant...whether you are just browsing or making a purchase. Don't know if they are that way in NYC, but I hope you have better luck at a different store!
  4. Oh gosh, that's horrible. I'm not generally confrontational but I would definitely have said something to her or asked for the manager.

    Honestly, I just don't get it, why would an SA ever want to make someone's experience with the brand they represent unpleasant? Even if (and I know this wasn't the case for you) a person is just in the store browsing, perhaps dreaming and wishing to some day own one of the bags, why would you want to ruin their experience by beind rude and derogatory? It just doesn't make sense.
  5. I'm so sorry your experience was so bad. I have bought two of my LV's in the 5th avenue store. None have acted like that. I don't understand why SA's are so rude to some people. I hope that your experience at Bloomingdales or Saks is much better! :smile: Good luck, and get that Trevi! :yes:
  6. so sorry this happened to you
  7. I understand exactly what you are talking about. I travel quite a bit from city to city for months at a time. I have been around and it has been my experience that the service at the 5th avenue store is absolutely horrid and outrageous. I worked in NYC for 11mos and during muc of the time (in the beginning before I finally gave up), I have met many SA's and I could not get a single, civil human being. 2nd runner up is the store at King of Prussia although I have heard that they have improved. It wasn't til I rolled off that project and was sent to LA. The ladies and gents at the Rodeo Drive store are absolutely divine, and very warm. In fact, during my time out there, we hung out socially! Although I am no longer in LA, I will continue to make all my purchases (major one's anyway) from Rodeo drive. They go above and beyond and are exceptionally friendly.

  8. Seriously i dont really like revenge but everytime i hear about a disrespectful SA i get the "pretty woman" urge. I would send an email to LV telling them how badly she treated you it would be best if you remembered her name.
  9. i completely agree. i think it's best to go to the LVs in bloomingdales, saks or neiman. i think they're much more humble to their customers......
  10. Sorry about your experience! Find you a good SA to work with and stick with him/her.

    IMO, Trevi is pretty but a little heavy! There'a new style coming out in Aug.1! Damier Ebene Sistina in 3 sizes. You might want to check that out too.:smile:
  11. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! I had a bad experience at an LV while in FL during our last 2 visits! It was quite a shock as I get excellent service at the LV I frequent! The 1st time we were in Orlando and I chaulked it up to the store being in chaos because the were redoing the windows. They had stuff everywhere, which I didn't think was right. My dh ended up not even bothering to look because so many things were in the way by the men's section.

    The 2nd time it happened we were in Boca Raton. I actually had chase after someone to wait on me. He was trying to head into the back. His attitude changed drastically once we made it to the counter and he pulled up my name. Which imo, made the entire situation worse. Because I knew he was just being nice because of my spending history!

    Yes, both times I was dressed casually too! (capris, tank top, LV sandals, LV bag) We were on vacation! But, it's an example of SA's should not judge someone by how they are dressed!
  12. So sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience. I have never experienced that sort of behavior and like many other tPF'ers, I have shopped at LV's all over the US. Yes, head over to Bloomies, Saks, or NM. :smile:
  13. Wow thats horrible. Get your back at a different store forsure, they dont deserve your business
  14. LV should do that 'secret shopper' thing as part of their training...then they would all be on their guard in stores and should make them act better!