NYC Trip

  1. Hi guys! So here's the deal: I'm taking my first trip out to New York City in the first week of June for 4 days. Does anybody have any shopping tips? In particular I'm looking for stores/shopping districts that are one of a kind that they don't have out here on the West Coast. I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to visit again, so I want to make sure I get to see everything!

    Also, I hear the weather is pretty humid. What would the appropriate wardrobe be for this trip?

  2. Make sure you hit Century 21 (Cortlandt St subway), try and avoid going at the weekend. Make sure you have plenty of time to browse as the store is huge and can be a bit chaotic.

    Check out Scoop's new store 473-475 Broadway. It will probably have alot of the same West Coast brands but may have a different range selection.

    What sort of things are you after?
  3. nolita (north of little italy), LES (lower east side), woodbury commons (shopping outlet about 1 hr away from nyc) are places the west coast doesnt have. all the other chain stores like h&m, Saks, boutiques like gucci, hermes, i'm sure you already seen... for more info.