NYC trip . . . Should I bring my ostrich

  1. OK here is the situation:

    My very thoughtful DH has planned a surprise last minute trip for me and my close friend to go have fun in NYC this week :yahoo:. We will shop till we drop, but I am confused on what bag I should bring. I was really thinking about bringing my Ostrich Vert Anis 30cm Birkin. I don't use the bag very much and I just know that I will find the perfect pocket squares or twillys to wrap the handles in when I am in NYC. It is a great bag but I am still scared of the skin. I have read everywhere that I ostrich is pretty durable but I am still nervous.
    I am only bringing one daytime bag (small black clutch for night) Just let me know what you think. Is Vert Anis ostrich a good choice for a NYC trip. Is the color too light? Is the bag durable enough?
    Thanks in advance
  2. What a great surprise from your DH :nuts: Can ostrich be used in the rain? Because I think it might rain here in the middle of the week. Just a thought...
  3. Bring the Ostrich! It is beautiful and Ostrich is truly durable. Just make sure to bring a bag in case it does rain!
  4. no...since its light and its icky weather for winter...don't do it.

    bring the orange!
  5. Have a great time in NYC!!!
  6. ^ My orange was not an option in NY due to how heavy it is. I figured I would either bring my ostrich or go with one of my other no H bags. I am not even considering my Kelly due to issues I have getting in and out of the darn thing.
  7. Vert Anis in Manhattan in January? Don't think so. I'm assuming you've got a Sellier Kelly and haven't tamed it yet. They do get much easier to open and close with use. Perhaps this is an opportunity to travel with a non-H bag and snap up a user-friendly Bolide while you're in town.
  8. I have ostrich Birkins and I would never even consider taking them on holiday. The air in NYC is not exactly clean and with wet weather and all, you would spend more time worrying about your Birkin than enjoying your shopping. Bring a bag with a shoulder strap for shopping.
  9. Thanks for the feedback ladies my ostrich will stay home in her sleeper. My Kelly is a 35 Retourne and it drives me crazy getting in and out of it. I have never used it and enjoyed it due to needing to get in and out of my bag in a hurry (ie. errands with a 5 year old, Vegas etc) Maybe this NY trip will make me have a new appreciation for her. It is the perfect color and leather for this trip, Rouge Garrance Clemence. That way I have a shoulder strap and I should not have to get in and out of it in a hurry.
  10. although i took my ostrich birkin on a trip to NY, your 35cm rouge garance kelly sounds like a better & safer idea! no worries about pickpocketers either with the kelly & it'll be handsfree & conveneint with the strap for SHOPPING!!! have fun!!!!!!!!!!

    btw: are you going to the gem show this month? maybe we all can meet there again?
  11. take your croc Jimmy Choo bag.

    if you bring your ostrich only take it around during you Hermes Mad ave shopping!
  12. Your Retourne Kelly sounds fabulous, and in Clemence it should be a comfy, easy bag to use. Rouge Garrance is such a great year-round color, too. Bring her!!!
  13. I have used ostrich birkins with no problem in NY, but I think the Rouge Garance kelly idea sounds perfect and practical. That gets my vote too! And have a great time!
  14. I always bring my Kelly to NYC, perfect bag for a day of shopping!
  15. Bring the Kelly without a doubt. It's the perfect bag for a wintery NYC visit!!!!