NYC tPF Meeting! - UPDATE... Need planning help!!

  1. Mid/End of August, how does that sound?

    Megs is in NYC for 8 weeks starting Sunday, I will be visiting her as well - perfect timing to put an NYC PurseForum meeting together.

    Who's in? :graucho:
  2. I'm in!!! I'd love to meet Megs and all the PF New Yorkers!
  3. Count me in please :biggrin: That should be soooo fun!! Can't wait.
  4. I am soooo totally IN!!!!!!!
  5. I am in!!! Thank god I'll be home by then, or else I'd be wailing!
  6. Dang! I'm SO jealous!!!
  7. Keep me on the list--I may be out of town, but I'm not sure yet.
  8. I'm also in -- sounds great! I'm sure I see some of you folks at the NYC sample sales, so it would be nice to put some faces to the comments! I'll start debating which bag to wear that day shortly... :smile:
  9. i would love to attend so please let me know which weekend in august! just wanna make sure i have no kiddie parties to go to or grandparents are available to babysit that day! i would love to meet fellow PFers!!!!
  10. I am totally in!!!!!!!!!!

    This will be fabulous!!
  11. i am so tatally in. i'll even call in sick to work if i have to.:graucho: :graucho:
    oh, i can't wait. does anyone from jersey want to car pool?
  12. ^ I will drive you..not a prob!
  13. ^outstanding. i can't wait. someone else lives close to us too, but i can't remember who.
  14. we can have an afterparty afterwards, oh i can't wait.
  15. i have a small townhome, but if anyone wants to come from out of state and needs a place to stay, you are more than welcome.