NYC Toki Update ++ A Bag I Couldn't Resist

  1. Hiiiiiii!! I just got back from NYC this morning, and I just wanted to mention which bags I saw where~ :biggrin:

    At Macy's on Herald Square, I saw TONS of bianco, as well as notte, tutti, and a few famiglia pieces~ They had multiple tutti zuccas, as well as a couple of giocos. In the famiglia they had ONE zucca, as well as some ciao ciaos, and a gioco~

    At Lord & Taylor I didn't see very much... just a few biancos, and MAYBE some tuttis (I don't remember, exactly), and two adios star buon viaggios... however, their bags looked a little dirty.

    At Filene's Basement I saw a couple arancia buon viaggios, an arancia mamma mia, and an arancia zucca - these bags, however, were gross-ish and without tags/qees~ There was also an inferno canguro for $69.99 that didn't have qee/tags... but it was in great condition~

    Soooo I left the city with nothing, since I was in search of a tutti caramella and found *none*~ So to make myself feel better I bought this:

    Which is officially my last toki bag of the summer, and I cannot WAIT to get it~ (I figured it was all right to purchase this since I figured I would spend $$ on a toki bag in the city anyway :biggrin:)~ bahaha!
  2. I was eyeing that Citta Caramella, but I'm glad you got it, Dancing_Nancies! Did you happen to see any Cucciolos at Herald Square Macy's?
  3. You know, I've never seen a cucciolo in real life... but I saw something in tutti that could've been one, I think~ Maybe it was a campeggio. Definitely one of those two, though~ Sorry :sad:
  4. oooooo very cute caramella =) The citta print is one of my favorites!
  5. Thanks!! :biggrin: It's my first bag in the citta print, and I think the placement rocks~ I'm so excited for it!! :yahoo:
  6. There was one Cucciolo on the first floor when I was there two days ago.
  7. That must've been it. In the downstairs toki handbag section, next to the cosmetics/perfume stuff.
  8. Yup! There were quite a few campeggios as well, I was happy to sort through all of them and pick out an awesome one. :yahoo:
  9. You know, I was seriously considering a tutti zucca, but then I just put it back... I'll get it dirty, and I guess I just don't like tutti enough to spend that much on a bag. It was very pretty, though~ :sad:
  10. That Caramella is sooo pretty. I'm dying for a Caramella...


  11. Thank you!! I'm dying to use it~
  12. Nice buy~ :smile:

    I was also at Macys Herald Square last week and saw tonnes of Tutti on the first and fourth floor. I hope to get one tomorrow, armed with my coupon of course, and hopefully, they are on sale too. Can't wait for a sweet deal!
  13. Ooooh tell us about what you get and what kind of deal Macy's gives you if you get a bag~~ I'm really curious to see how much you can get off there :yes:
  14. I am hoping that they are 20% off, plus 20% off coupon that I have, plus $50 reward certs, .. I am looking for major major savings!
  15. That's awesome! What bag are you searching for?