NYC Theory Sample Sale

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  1. One-of-a-kind samples from Theory's archives are on the cheap; pants are around $70, and blouses are around $50.
    When: 1/21, 1/23, 1/25 (10–6); 1/22 and 1/24 (10–7); 1/26 (10–4).
    Where: 261 W. 36th St., nr. Seventh Ave., second fl. (212-947-8748).
  2. again??!!!
  3. OH GOD. not again ...... i will wait til the last day lol i'm learning from my mistakes!
  4. Is it bad to go the first few days? I've never been, what's it like?!

    Thanks a ton!
  5. I've never been to Thoery, but usually the SSS sample sales drastically reduce everything the last few days. If you want something specific, it's worth going the first day to ensure you get your size.
  6. Usually, the line is crazy on the morning of the first day!! Also, I think they replenish the stock throughout the sale, so it's not really worth it to go the first day in my opinion.
  7. Last time I went to SSS, their doors were closed & a sign was up that said "come back in 2 weeks". So ghetto. :confused1::rolleyes:
  8. SSS? :confused1:
  9. SSS is the namethat Clothingline Sample Sale company uses. ("SSS Sample sale")

    i will be heading there on friday. i refuse to go on the first day like i always do lol!

    ohsnapitsjulia, it's not bad to go on the first day but yes the line is usually the longest but you get first pick at the sizes. however, in the past they always reduce prices the last two days or so. i bought a suit last sample sale and found out they had an add'l 30% off later on. i knew they were going to reduce prices since Clothingline has been there for a while, but i wasn't expecting my sizes to still be plentiful, which it was!

    Anyway, you never know for sure. who knows when they will change their policy....

    fyi they said the next theory SS will be in june

    following week is betsey johnson!! =O

    p.s. whoever goes on monday, could you please report back, pretty please?? =)
  10. if you're a P, XS, 00, 0 or 2, or you're looking to buy a dress or shoes, i'd say go on the first or second day. they never get a lot of those sizes in the first place, so by the last day there's only half a rack or a rack of those sizes left. dresses amd shoes are always really popular and will sell out of decent sizes and styles within the first two days. i'm not sure if the sale this time will have shoes but they usually do.

    if you're any of the other sizes, i definitely suggest waiting til the last day.
  11. I love this place! I went in November and they were also having some kind of mini sale on shoes/accessories in the back. Everything seemed a little expensive as some of the shoes were damaged. I think I got a coat, suit and satin little cocktail dress. I heart shopping there :smile:

    On a side note..does anyone know of any other showrooms you can go into? I know ET is in the same building.
  12. Just got back. If you're not a sample size (4/6) it's not as worth it. They had a ton of sample stuff and a lot of damages, and only the damages had sizes besides 4/6. I didn't see any shoes, but they did have gustto handbags.
  13. ^ they sent an email about the shoes; they won't arrive until tuesday morning (they said they'd make an announcement on the website to confirm)

    any dresses?
  14. ^^ yes, they had a ton of dresses, $70 each.
  15. Did they have any size 00?