NYC subway and high-end jewelry

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  1. Hello,

    I will be in NYC and I don't know the city, specifically how safe it is. Is it okay to wear high-end jewelry (like Rolex, Cartier Love, Cartier diamond trinity ring...) in NYC and take the subway? I'll be taking the subway mainly from-to west village/Columbia university medical center at Washington heights. Please advise? Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't live in NYC but I visit there often, and I always get about on the subway. I have never had any trouble or been bothered about my jewelry. Granted, none of my pieces are flashy, but some are expensive: Rolex watch, David Yurman bracelets, diamond rings, Pandora bracelets, Tiffany bow ring, Chanel earrings. Also, I have carried Chanel, Balenciaga, and LV bags without incident.
  3. New York is home to all sorts of income brackets, many (most) who take the subway. I say you are safe. Wear what you normally wear but if you wanted to ditch a diamond ring or something to feel more comfortable that's fine too.
  4. I have taken the subway and I say you are safe, but if I were you I would stay away from taking the subway at night (alone) with or with out jewelry!
  5. Isn't Washington Heights above Harlem? It's not as good as West Village. If I have to take subway I would be very careful.

  6. I've taken the subway alone at night on countless occasions. I've NEVER been bothered.

    New York City is one of the safest cities in the world. It's the people who walk around looking scared like someone is going to rob them or lost who probably get hassled the most.
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    I've lived in NYC for 15 yrs and I know a lot of people got pick pocketed on the subway. There are less straight up robbery these days but nowhere is completely safe. It really depends on where in the city and I would say from Downtown to up to 90's is safer. But Harlem-Washington Heights could be still kind of bad, even though it's not like 10 years ago. Still no need to make yourself an easy target IMO.
  8. Thank you y'all for your sweet advises. I guess NYC is safe but just have to use my commonsense...(ah! they say commonsense is not common anymore :smile: ...
  9. I agree - use your common sense and just don't make yourself a target. Don't wear anything you aren't willing to part with immediately if someone holds you up. Personally, I go for less bling when I go to areas I am less familiar with.

    (FWIW, if you are going to be here in the winter, a lot of those pieces may be concealed beneath gloves and a coat)

    It is a great city! Hope you have a good time!

  10. You'll mostly be fine, depending which neighborhoods. I would be more careful in the neighboring areas around Columbia once off campus.

    Use your judgment like in any other place. It's never a good idea to wear flashy expensive things at night in the subway especially by yourself or in small groups.
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    You shouldn't have a problem. Most people will think it's fake anyway LOL. Don't wear anything too flashy and you can always turn your ring around if needed. I sometimes wear my bags backwards so you can't see the logo.

    ETA - I lived in Manhattan for 14+ years and I never got mugged or pickpocketed. Our car was broken into and had the GPS stolen 3x and my husband got stabbed one block from our apartment (attempted robbery, he ran away and is fine) but otherwise I never had any safety issues.
  12. It's totally fine. If anything, you're more likely to have your phone/iphone snatched than jewelry.

  13. Gosh glad he's okay!
  14. walk with purpose and don't look up! I only visit NYC for work twice a year and I've found as long as you look like you belong no one will bother you.
  15. Those things are ordinary sightings. Most of the time no one pays attention to anybody on the subway - it's a city of self-centered people ("eight million centers of the universe"). I do, however, notice the ones gripping the pole with two white-knuckled hands; they're most likely tourists as the locals try to touch as little of the subway as possible.

    One tip: If it's late at night and there aren't many people around, ride either in the first car where the driver is, or in the middle car where the person who operates the door is.