NYC Stores

  1. Hi Guys!

    So we all know about the 5th ave store..and you can get LV at most major department stores in the city..but did you know there is an LV store right by prince street downtown near w.houston??
    I passed by it yesterday and was SHOCKED! I never knew there was a store there..Is it new? or did I just miss that piece of information?!?!

    FYI--they had a BEAUTIFUL trunk display in the window
  2. yup, that's soho store, located on greene st. it's been there a long time. bought stuff before.
  3. wow..I must be out of it.. How did I miss that store?!?!
  4. i've never seen it either!i recently heard about it but thought i maybe it was recently opened?! i can't believe it myself! i can't wait to go though! i love it down there
  5. yep, it's been there a long time, I love that store....
  6. Yes thats where I bought my first LV about 5 years ago. Isn't there another LV close by? I haven't been to SOHO in a while is Green St. close to Mercer St.????
  7. the soho store is WONDERFUL.

    they have a nice doorman and a good selection.
    you can walk around touching everything and look and no one bothers you.

    this is my experience at least.
  8. D@mn! how many LV points of sale are in NY?
  9. I love the SoHo store for the same reasons. I work right by Houston and Prince Street, so I go in there all the time. I love it :p
  10. New York City has the big store on 57th & 5th, the Soho store, and then in-store boutiques at Saks, macys on 34th, and bloomingdales. And then there are also stores in white plains and out on long island, not to mention new jersey ;)
  11. My fav is the soho store, the SA's are very nice.
  12. yup, Love the SoHo store.