NYC shoppers- the new Century 21 dept store is open!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo:

    The Rego Park Queens store sent out emails today about the store preview. The grand opening is March 3rd. Anyone been yet?

    I'm going to do a recon (for research purposes of course) tomorrow. I love the Brooklyn store, but I need something new. I hope it is as big as it appears to be from the Long Island Expressway.
  2. Really? I have to go see it when I come back home from college. I live 10 minutes away from it (by car). I heard that part of the space is going to belong to Home Depot, no?
  3. Please update with your findings! Soooo excited! :woohoo:
  4. Ohhh, that's exciting! I swear by the NJ one (Morristown - so clean and well organized)! Let us know how it is! :smile:
  5. is the store open to public? i live like 3 mins away! i would so swing by after school.
  6. Hope it isn't dirty and unorganized people are so careless who drop by there.
  7. I was supposed to go this morning but I had a delay. It is open though for anyone who wants to check it out. I may go in this evening, but I did want to take my time and look through everything with little interruption, so I may go tomorrow morning. Either way, full report when I get home.

    There is supposed to be snow tonight, even better if I go tomorrow because there will be less people.
  8. I was, but not anymore. I think it is C21, Kohl's and TJ Maxx. I don't know if any other store is going to be there in addition to those.

  9. Please let me know if they have rainboots and if so what brands?:ty:
  10. lets hope they fill it with sensible employees, I use to work at the C21 by Ground Zero...pure hell!
  11. I saw 2 Coach rainboots- one was pastel colored, don't remember the print of the other one. They were $49.

    Other than that I saw 2 racks with mostly black rainboots for $19, no special brand. I was surprised they didn't have more to choose from. I go to the 21 in Brooklyn about every other week and they have waaay more rainboots. Tokidoki, Chooka, Coach, Ed Hardy, etc. If you can you may want to go to that store instead.
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    Ok- I just got home. I wanted to browse longer, but I had to rush for other reasons.

    The store is only one level, but holds a lot of stuff. The bag section (midlevel brands) is packed! I spent way too much time there. Not as much bags as the Brooklyn or Manhattan store, but the stock is really good. I guess that is to be expected since the masses haven't hit yet.

    If you are interested in visiting, I really think now would be the time. The real test would be if their stock is any good a few months out when everyone is passing through all the time.

    The mall itself is an open air type in the middle. Really nice and well-lit. There are stairs, elevators and escalators to choose from. I go a bit dizzy on the escalator since Century 21 is on the top floor (3rd) and my fear of heights kicked in, but it isn't so bad. It will be interesting to see how many people will be walking around when spring and summer hit.

    There is also Kohl's and TJ Maxx which will be open for business this weekend.

    Anyhow, this 21 store looks more like a normal department store. It has a bit more elbow room also. The Brooklyn and NYC stores has so much items that the racks are 2 levels, here there are only one like Macy's would have. The SAs were all over the place asking questions and such, but I bet that will stop after a while. I have never been approached by any SA in any of the 3 other Century stores I've been at.

    The dressing room is very well lit, and has doors (no curtains!). No benches to put your stuff down though- that was wierd. Only one steel rood to hang your clothes on.

    There is an area in the dressing room with about 9 or 10 mirrors for you to step out and look at yourself in the open if you want to. That was pretty interesting.

    I was also loving the swimsuit section. They have Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Vix, Custo Barcelona bikinis. Matching dresses and sarongs in some labels also.

    If you like Juicy, there is a good selection again for the time being I'm sure. Lots of clothes, flip flops, bags, laptop cases for women and little girls.

    So far so good out there, I am actually going back tomorrow to get a Tokidoki bag I realized I should have bought tonight, hopefully it will still be there.
  13. Now I'm getting excited about C21, can't wait till I actually go there, hopefully this weekend.
  14. would you recommend going early in the morning like the other c21 stores? or is that not necessary since it hasn't officially opened and is new?
  15. Thanks for looking! I want a pair of burberry rainboots....trying to see if I can find it on sale or marked down somewhere...if not i'll have to take the plunge soon and pay full price.